Mother & child (toddler) couple poses

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2012 at 7:54 AM
Updated: 14th Oct 2012 at 10:57 AM by buitefr1

For these poses I was inspired by two things. First the breastfeeding mod of Nona at Simlogical here. Unfortunately there are no animations to go with it. So I wanted to make this pose. As I’m not capable of making a pose with a baby, I made one for the toddler instead. But when you are uncomfortable with the breastfeeding pose, don’t use this one.

Second inspiration was a old photo of a mother helping her son to cheer at his first birthday. (yes the mum was me and the toddler was my son)
So this is a little story in which the boy is cheering at his birthday cake, looking surprised, then when he’s all exhausted a little sip to calm down. She carries him to bed. Lying beside him until he‘s asleep but in the end falling asleep herself. Sorry, but I didn’t make the poses in that order.


Then there was no such thing as a feeding bra, a top or anything. So I made a very simple top in 2 variations to go with pose 2. One is the ‘normal’ and the other is with one bare breast, were the toddlers head is covering the breast, so no obscene nudity there. Feel free to ameliorate it, just don’t claim it to be your own idea.
  • one channel
  • based on basegame, no expansions needed
  • suitable for female adults/young adults
  • in normal, formal and sleep wear

The poses are:

p_mother&child1_fw: the toddler is being carried on the hip of his mother
a_mother&child2_fw: she is sitting on the couch, holding the toddler, feeding him
p_mother&child2_fw: the toddler is suckling in his mother’s arms
a_mother&child3_fw: she is sleeping on the bed, her hand on his arm
p_mother&child3_fw: he is sleeping on his back, his hands in fists, raised besides his head
a_mother&child4_fw: she raises the arms of the toddler, sitting on one knee, cheering
p_mother&child4_fw: he is standing, arms raised, looking surprised
a_mother&child5_fw: she is lying on the bed, beside the toddler (pose 3) and making a sssht movement.

Of course they are in a list.

Then there are some clipping issues I have to mention. You have to use the cheat moveObjects on and in buy mode use the alt button to position the mother and the toddler. It's difficult, but it can be done. For pose mother&child3 you need OMSP (here to find)
You also have to consider that the second pose (breastfeeding) might clip in when your female simmie has large breasts, however a 'normal' size will fit. By request of the staff of MTS I altered the poses 1 and 3 and made just a little bit more space between hands and body, but I cannot guarantee that with wearing wide clothes, there will not be any clipping in. These poses were made with clothes fit to the body.

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for the incredible Pose Player
OrangeMittens for the tutorials on Poses to be found at Simlogical and her additional help at the forum there.
Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender 2.63 & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses by OrangeMittens here:
cliptool by A
Rigs for cliptool by A
WesHowe for the AnimTool
Mesher for the AM/AF/CU rigs
Inge Jones for S3PE and the rest of the Sims community at large for assistance and encouragement.