Torches at Midnight: Silky Pyjamas for Kids and Toddlers

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2012 at 5:42 AM
Updated: 8th Oct 2012 at 10:47 AM by whiterider
When I was a kid, I had several successive favourite ever sets of pyjamas - all lovely smooth, silky, nylon things that crackled when I moved (which was possibly my favourite thing about them). I've always thought it a shame that sim kiddies don't get to experience the joy of statically charged nightwear; and, moreover, I really dislike those weird elasticated cotton things that Maxis seem to think are pyjamas. I have never seen anything like them except in the twisted brain-child of Maxis that is the sims world.

So, naturally, being on the hunt for more normal-looking jammies for kids, I was ecstatic when fakepeeps7 uploaded her Sheepish Flannel Pyjamas for kids and toddlers! My sim kids won't wear anything their siblings think is cool, though, so I needed some more variety, and here it is!

I started out thinking "Well, I'll just do six colours - some variation on red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink. That'll be nice and manageable."
But then I realised that my colours didn't match, so I split them into a bright set and a pastelly set.
And then I thought, well, not all kids like piping. So I'll do some versions without the trim...

So, yeah. That's how there came to be 48 items in this set. Shut up. I was awake when my neighbour got in making these, and that's always a bad sign.

My favourites are the trim versions - those favourite PJs of mine had trim, it made me feel very sophisticated.

Ok, ok, I know - the red isn't exactly "pastel". You try making pastel red sometime.

These require fakepeeps's meshes, which you can get HERE (kids) and HERE (toddlers).
The toddler versions are repo'd to the child versions, so the toddler versions require the child versions. The top buttons on the toddlers are a little distorted due to the repoing, but given the state of my hard drives, it seems a fair price to pay to save 4MB.


These are all based on EA textures, so feel free to reuse the textures. All mesh stuff, of course, is up to the lovely fakepeeps.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the guys in #create for confirming that I am in fact functionally colourblind when it comes to the concept of a postbox.

Stuff on the models:
Kids' hairs: Blonde boy by fanseelamb; brown girl's bob by Trapping/Lina; curly black girl's hair by Trapping/Lina/Raon; messy longish brown girl's hair by Trapping/Lina; tucked-back black boy's hair by Trapping; ginge's hair by Pfaninjat; blonde girl's hair by Trapping.

Toddlers' hairs: Very short, very curly brown hair by Trapping/Lina; short, slicked-back red hair by Nouk; short black spiky hair by Trapping/Lina; blonde girl's hair with the fringe by Pinketamine/Raon; curly black ponytail by Nouk; red bob with headband by needlecream/Raon; messy longish black girl's hair by Trapping/Lina.

All skins by HystericalParoxysm, eyes by -Shady-. Eyebrows and other face stuff by helaene and Lina. Floor almost certainly by iCad.