By-gone Shores - Days Gone By

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2012 at 6:46 PM
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By-gone Shores, the weathered victorian beach house, stands cold and alone on the shore line. Nobody can remember the last time it was lived in, but it was most probably before the war. Now in modern society this house stands up against all storms that both people and the sea can throw at it. And yet no one dares to enter......

But it wasn't always that way...

There once was a time when By-gone Shores went by a different name, and was known as part of the early Sunset Valley community. Although many aren't old enough to remember the days when grand parties were held where dancing and dinning would last the whole night through in a house which was once the height of coastal fashion, the Goths were said to have graced many of the parties, and were even said to have owned one of the neighbouring beach houses, which since then have been reclaimed by the sea, forcing the Goths to retreat back up the hil.
But today I bring you a shining glimmer of the past, inspired by a comment on the weathered and decaying version, which can be found here.

The house is costs 93,576 Simoleons furnished, and 58,168 Simoleons unfurnished, it requires a 20 by 40 lot which I placed here:

I hope you will enjoy this much enlightened version of one of my favourtie creations.

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price: 93,576 Simoleons

Additional Credits:
I really want to thank Collector whom gave me the idea to fix up By-gone Shores.
I would also like to thank those who helped me on the creator feedback forum; especialy:
Tee Hee Hee,
and WaterHornet.
I wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys (and girl).
P.s. I'm sorry it took this long. And another thing that inspired me to do this was seeing Traelia's Forgotten and then her Remembered, They're both just wonderful and inspirational lots, and well worth a look, and download