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Bad Girls Club Poses

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2012 at 5:24 AM
Updated: 24th Nov 2013 at 4:48 AM


So the idea for those poses were given to me by a friend who was doing a competition. However, the competition is put on hold. I was really surprised how fast I made these for her, and even happier how they came out.

The first 3 poses (a_sg_bcg00, a_sg_bcg01, a_sg_bcg02) were given to me by her, and the last 2 (a_sg_bcg03, a_sg_bcg04) were done by my head with a little help from a photo.

These poses would probably look better on a standard slim sim due to some very small clipping, very small.

I have to make some for those who are more curvy.

So here you go. I will stop talking and let you have a small picture spam for those who actually read the words on the page (I am one who usually don't).

You will need to download Cmo's Pose Player (HERE) in order to use these poses!

This does come with a Pose List!

I hope you enjoy these!

P.S.: Yes, some of the hair is pay (sim is pink is wearing free hair by S-Club), but is not necessary for download. According the new updated rule about pay content just in photos, it is okay.
*thank the heavens above*

Sim in Pink: S-Club / Re-tex by Traelia
Sim in Purple: Raon / Re-tex by Beaverhausen
Sim in Green: Peggy / Re-tex by IN3S
Sim in Blue: Newsea / Re-tex by Beaverhausen
Sim in Yellow: Newsea / Re-tex by Eternila

All-About-Style: Slouchback Tee-shirt Dress (3rd column, 2nd row)
Cbon73: PVC-Trimmed Pumps

Additional Credits:
CMO for Pose Player and Pose Pack Creater
OrangeMittens for the tutorials
Lots of sliders (I can't help it. )
other creators for the creations in the images above.