Egyptian Townhouse (No CC)

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2012 at 12:48 PM
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I spent a few hours playing Pharaoh and the newer Tilted Mill city builder with the same theme of Ancient Egypt and I felt inspired to build a town house in the Sims with an ancient Egyptian feel.
  • 4 Bedrooms (Master, double childrens'/guests', porter's, double servant's & gardener's)
  • 1.5 bath (I hated including a modern bath at all, but I thought it wasn't really fair on the playability to not have one. If it annoys you, just delete it. )
  • Plum Orchard
  • Fish pond (This is swimmable, but only at each end to the value of 1x2 squares, due to the plants. Feel free to delete those as well as the fountains (also "non-canon") to make more room for swimming.)
  • Chapel
Furnished: 207 548
Unfurnished: 114 329
Built with base-game patch:

When building this home, I had a quick breeze through several wiki pages and a good scroll through google images, as well as transplanting the pond and orchard layout from a Townhouse that developed in my city. The main hall layout I lifted almost exactly from a small museum piece on Armana period mansions: it was the room with the highest ceiling, supported by 4 pillars, on the northern side was a dias with pillows for seating and sometimes braziers (which I didn't include), and high windows to lure in a cool breeze (I went ahead and placed the windows on all walls, adhering instead to a short piece which said the mansions were crazy about symmetry within room architecture, which also explains my arches, for breeze and aesthetics.), as well as a mural. Typically this was of gardens and other pretty things, but I made do with less casual fare.

The second hall, which was more private, I decided to place bookcases in. Obviously ancient egypt didn't have books, but the Sims doesn't have scrolls either, so... :p
The kitchen gave me some troubles, as I absolutely didn't want a fridge or oven at first, and tried to disguise a barbeque in instead. This didn't turn out, so instead I did my best with wicker and wood textures in CAST, I hope you don't mind, but I feel this makes the house more playable anyway.

On the terraces there are dining facilities, as well as a "rain water catcher", chess, lounge chairs, and other miscellaneous things; and beyond the plum orchard there is a faux well.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 207548