'Pure Beauty' - 10 Non-default eyes

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Uploaded 23rd Oct 2012 at 11:22 AM


I made pretty looking blue eyes for my sim a while ago, and I enjoyed them so much. You know what they say, 'Eyes are the windows of the soul'. I decided to improve the eye texture and make some recolors of them. They are non-default so you can have them in your game with any other eyes.

They give a pure, realistic look on any kind of sim of any age. The pupils are a bit smaller than the original ones but I think that makes them pure and unique looking.

(Male hair: Nightlife EP - Female hair: Helga *dead*)

Comes in ten just lovely looking colors, I decided to make them all natural looking (no pink or alien colors), but I might consider doing a supernatural version of these eyes any time soon

When the sims wink, move, or just do weird stuff with their eyes, it will most likely look like this:

There will appear a small shadow above the eye, but I couldn't remove that, because it would give the eyes lack of detail and realism.

I hope you enjoy!


Additional Credits:
* Hair model 1 (brown hair) by Helga *dead*
* Hair model 2 (male) by Night Life Expension Pack
*Hair model 3 (black hair) by Nouk here at MTS

*Skintone model 1 by @Stefan here at MTS
* Skintone model 2 by @Stefan here at MTS
*Skintone model 3 by Helga *dead* (her site's down since last year)