"Meridia" - 3D Ankle Sandals for Females (Teen to Adult)

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2012 at 3:44 PM
Hey there!

I finally found some inspiration to create CAS stuff again when I found my old projects folder. These shoes were sitting there for months and I completely forgot about them, so I took all my strength and finally finished them

It looks like all the CC shoes I see around are either a killer heels or something that I wouldn't let my Sims wear for everyday, so these were made to add some variety in my game. I rarely wear heels IRL and I adore flat sole shoes, because they are so comfortable. These sandals are the exact replica of my real life shoes that I love very much, so don't be surprised if you recognize them

All the details are meshed and appear to have thickness, so they look more realistic. The toes are not very detailed - I tried to keep them low poly, so you won't get amazing quality as with Bloom's Sexy Feet replacements, but they should be enough to keep the realism.

And yes, the name means exactly what you thought it means. Daedras FTW

Important information:

- Shoes for females. Teens, adults and young adults.
- Can be used in everyday, formal, career and maternity clothing categories.
- Morph states compatible.
- 4 recolorable channels: body, insides, sole and toe nails.
- All designs shown are included.

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Thanks and comments are welcome!

Polygon Counts:

LOD1: 1446
LOD2: 701
LOD3: 343

CC used: