Nothing-To-See-Here-Move-On-Now Cottage

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2012 at 7:41 PM
Updated: 3rd Nov 2012 at 9:48 PM

Everyone knows a house just like this. You pass it every day without a thought on your way to work, or to school, or to pick up some groceries. It's almost stereotypically normal. You've never see the owner, but you suspect it's some mild-mannered person who quietly works a dull job every day, like an accountant or something. Nothing dangerous or dark about it at all...

...You were wrong. Dead wrong.

Perfect for the mad scientist or sadistic kidnapper, this house looks normal on the outside, but underground you'll find a secret laboratory and six holding cells, perfect for holding prisoners or experiments in. Each cell comes with a bed, a toilet, a shower, a sink, and a mirror. The route to this basement horror is hidden behind a sliding bookcase in the study.

The main house comprises of a living room, a kitchen, a garage, a double bedroom, a study, and a utility room.

The size of the lot is 20x25.

Unfurnished: 48,736 simoleons.
Furnished: 75,889 simoleons.

Name supplied by the almighty, if rather strange, whiterider. :P

Note: After more play testing, I've come across a bug in my game that stops the sliding bookcase from working properly in a newly-placed house. If you have the same problem, just delete the bookcase and place a new one in the exact same spot. It should work now.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 75,075