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Ori Nose Shape Slider (YAM)

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Uploaded: 6th Nov 2012 at 5:22 PM

Ori Nose Shape Slider
"Sharpens the nose tip, decreases nasal alar fat, flares the nostrils, and rotates the nose downward."

Do NOT use the slider at 100% intensity. As with most sliders, the maximum range is overly extreme to provide you
with more variety when blending the slider. This slider seems to look its best in the 30-80% range.

This slider is for Young Adult Males. I would like to convert this for other age groups and genders, but I forgot how I created this slider.
I rotated and moved a lot of vertices, and I haven't quite figured out the incremental process to making this shape when examining my backup files.

Ori Nose Shape New: Geom-Based; Changes the Nose Tip. Found under Nose Tip Panel as Ori Nose Shape New.


I created this slider to assist in making celebrity sims who have this fairly common nose shape, but it is difficult to emulate in CAS....until now! Muahahaha!

Example of Ideal Usage (Subtle Fine-tuning) (Exhibit A; Minwoo's nose; 30% intensity; nraas slider value 91.)

The key is to create a more subtle change. Closer inspection would reveal that his nostrils are more flared, his nose tip is sharper, and the bottom of the nose tip has been
pushed downward, but the top of his nose tip is still at the same height. Another feature of the slider is that it will change the side profile more readily
before changes to the frontal view become more obvious. Low ranges are best for subtle fine tuning and attention to detail.

Example of Ideal Usage (More Extreme Changes) (Exhibit B; Saul's nose; 70% intensity; nraas slider value 166.)

Certain nose shapes respond very well to higher intensities of this slider, usually those with a straighter bridge, whereas others may look ridiculous. In this example, his nose tip
has become smaller and lower, and the nostrils are flared and thinner. His nasal base is also slimmer which makes his nostril fat appear more defined and triangular as well.

Slider Limitation Issue
Getting this slider to work might require a mod if you already have custom sliders installed!
By default, the game allows only twenty sliders in commission at a given time, but, should you
install either of the following mods you can have an unlimited amount:
Additional Credits:
1.) Delphy for his Small Editors
2.) CmarNYC for her Morphmaker
3.) Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE
4.) Wes Howe for his Q-Mesh Tool

Hope I didn't forget someone This mod wouldn't exist if they didn't lol