Barett Burnilton - Ex-Military Officer

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Barett Burnilton

Barett Burnilton is a young man who used to serve in the Strangetown military, but things a little out of hand. The alien encounters, the mysterious crop circles, and a curious man who became pregnant after an abduction was a bit too much for him, and so Barett decided to leave Strangetown for good and headed for Twinbrook to start things fresh with his ex-military partner, and long-time best friend, Buster.

Barett is a very athletic man, who makes sure he has the time for his collection of books and journals from officers who served in the Simlish military many years ago. Things have settled down for Barett but what will he do next? Will he try and start up his own family, or does he still strive for his lifelong dream of reaching the top of the military ranking?

- Athletic
- Brave
- Bookworm
- Handy
- Loves The Outdoors

Lifetime Wish:
- Become An Astronaut


- Tri-Tip Steak

- Country

- Spice Brown


So Barett doesn't use a whole pile of custom content, but he does required a few sliders if you want him to look exactly the way he looks in the pictures above, or else his facial features will snap back if you decide to tweak some of them! You'll need the following if you want Barett to look exactly as he does as I have showed him in the pictures:

- I've used Twallan's MasterController for it's Slider Multipliers, which raises the maximum and minimum range for the sliders in CAS (I have used the multiplier x3 to create Barett's facial features, and x2 for the body sliders such as weight and muscle mass), and it increases the number of sliders the can be used in CAS (which is necessary for the sliders I have used) If you don't want to use MasterController, you can use Awesomemod , or aWT's Slider Hack (please check your latest patch and see if it's compatible with any of the three mods listed above before downloading any one of them!).

Here are the extra sliders and CC I have used to create Barett. You don't need /every/ one of these, however, if you want him to look exactly like he is in the screenshots, this is what you will need in your game:

- Bella3lek4's Sliders
- Chin To Neck Slider by Wotjek
- Tamo's Ultra-Plain Tricolour Contacts and Ultra-Plain Default Faces
- HP's Increased Texture Detail Body Replacements
- Kitty Klan's Default Replacement Chinstrap (Clean)
- TummyZa's Custom Body Hair Overlay

Clothing and Hair

Barett is packaged with base game clothing, but the blue sleeveless jacket he is wearing in the screenshots is from Pets, and the tuxedo is a base game outfit which was unlocked using unlockoutfits on (you don't need use this cheat, he will still wear the outfit without activating the cheat!) Barett is also packaged with a base game hair, but here is the hair I have used in the screenshots if you want to go grab it:

- EsmeraldaF's Spiky Brushed-Back Hair for Men

So that's it guys! I really hope you guys like him and please help him find a good home! Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
The modding community! You guys are the best!