Pixel Anachronisms: Six TS3 Single Beds, Made Awesome

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2012 at 6:32 AM
Updated: 17th Nov 2013 at 8:08 PM
One thing that irks me when building is that I never have enough single beds - just normal, simple, non-fancy single beds that don't look like they were recently thrown out of a junk shop. I end up using the same handful of beds over and over again, which is terribly dull. So, I decided to convert a couple of my favourite TS3 beds... and then got a bit carried away and converted basically all of them. And recoloured them to match the IKEA MALM furniture. C'est la vie.

The beds each come with all of the TS3 presets, plus five MALM woods. The two metal beds don't come with MALM woods, because that would just be silly. They do come with improved metal textures, though - another thing EA just can't do right...
Each bed comes with two meshes - a basegame version and a Pets version. The Pets version allows pets to sit on/sleep on/destroy the beds and, obviously, requires Pets; the basegame version is self-explanatory. You can use the basegame version with Pets installed if you're some kind of kitty-hating freak; but don't use the Pets version without Pets installed, and don't try to install both versions at once.

All files have been compressorised and had silly unused orphan textures removed.

So, onto the juicy details! Go on, click on the thumbnails - your reading experience will not be interrupted .

PicPic 2NameAssociated witticismPricePolycountTS3 original
The 'Issa' BedIssa Bed. You can sleep on it. What more do you want?§2751264BedSingleCheapFirehouse (Amb)
Le CurveFormerly known as "Modern". Geeze, EA, what is the snail doing without its imagination?§10001856BedSingleModern (BG)
The Marrr!itime BedThis is one of those gimmicky Generations things that I never use. Ever. Ever. Well... maybe. I kinda fell in love with this bed during the conversion process, especially all that time spent getting intimate with its SHPE.§12502791 - High poly! Sorry about that - it's all the curvy bits.BedSingleGenBoat (Gen)
The BedsteadI'm pretty sure I've never actually slept in - or even seen - one of these beds. Nevertheless, I have a deep-rooted association between iron bedsteads and stubbed toes. Make sure your sims wear steel-toed boots around this one.§5652608 - Another high poly one here.BedSingleBrass (even though EA didn't include a decent brass preset...) (BG)
The Head BedGeddit?! Geddit?! Yeah, it is pretty weak.§7201358BedSingleRanchHorse (Pets)
The QuadramidsShut up! It was funny when I thought of it!§7501638BedSingleGenTeen (Gen)

Polygon Counts:
Issa: 1264
Le Curve: 1856
Marrr!itime: 2781
Bedstead: 2608
Head Bed: 1358
Quadramids: 1638

Additional Credits:
Made using SimPE, Photoshop, Milkshape, Blender, and Wood Workshop. Thanks to the lovely Morphead for his tutorial on baking multis in Blender (sometimes an EA texture just can't be saved).

There's all sorts of CC in the pics, most of which I can't even identify right now. I do know that there are contributions from...
Yeah, I said there was a lot. Thanks, yo! .