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Easy Peasy Pictures: Backdrops, deco and a nifty trunk. **Updated 01-20-13**

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2012 at 5:48 PM
Updated: 14th Oct 2020 at 7:42 PM - added recolor links
Looking for recolors?
12-01-12 Here's a link to the original grayscale texture for the backgrounds for those interested in recoloring these.

12-02-12 Added invisible recolors of the background props. The backdrops have two subsets so if you want to recolor these with a completely different theme the props won't be in your way.

01-20-13 Updated the stand alone sculptures to be designable so they'll pick up any backdrop recolors you might have.

Easy Peasy Pictures

Four backdrops from the Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack. My sims never cooperate when it comes to taking pictures so I added 5 positions to the backdrops for my sims to stand in which makes it super easy and quick to compose nice looking snap shots.

How to Use:
Simply click on the backdrop and choose a position to send your sim to. Once there, they'll turn around and face the camera and you can pose them. That's it.

Catalog Sort:
Decorative/Miscellaneous $800

I like the backdrops but what I really love are the super cute props stuck to them so I took them apart and made them into freestanding decorations. These are large, full sized sculptures that are centered on four tiles. They're also slaved to the backdrops.

Catalog Sort:
Decorative/Sculptures $300

Spring, Summer & Fall:
Decorative/Plants $300

Nifty Trunk:
I thought it would be cute to have outfits to change into for photo shoots so I loaded up a trunk with all of the clothes from the game that EA already gave a GUID to -- which turned out to be a lot of clothes. I've attached a picture from SimPE showing all of the pie menu options and I've uploaded a slide show that shows a small number of the outfits but there were too many to picture. What's in the trunk are all the career and NPC outfits that were assigned a GUID already by the game. I also included "My Clothes" options which are just the normal outfits you've assigned to your sims from the dresser.

What you won't find in the trunk are any cute clothes or costumes for toddlers or children (except the private school uniform) and almost none of the clothes from CAS even if it seems like they should be included. But if you want to have mom or dad dress up as a clown or maybe a ninja for your kids birthday party? That you can do.

How to Use:
Click on the trunk, choose an outfit and your sim will spin into it where they're at. They'll wear the outfit until directed otherwise or you have your sim do an activity that requires you to change clothes. The game considers most of these outfits to be "everyday" outfits so you're not going to be able to workout in your ballet costume or send the grim reaper for a swim. But you also don't have to buy or plan these outfits in order to wear them and there's zero lag to search through the hundreds of outfits since there's no catalog to load which is perfect for occasional use.

If you're looking for something that has more functionality, many of the outfits that are included in the trunk have been unlocked by other players and can be used just like any other outfit.

Catalog Sort:
General/Dresser $500

It's a bit ham-handed to be honest because I didn't realize just how many outfits there were or how unwieldy it would become to organize these blindly. I had good intentions when I started out to go back in and add guardian bhavs to hide outfits by expansion pack and by gender but I just could not figure out the bhavs for the genders (nothing I tried seemed to work, so frustrating!) and by the time I was done there were 200+ outfits that I didn't have a clue which expansion pack they belonged to. So what that means to you is that all of the clothes options are going to show up on the menu whether you have the outfit in your game or not. If you choose an outfit you don't actually have... your sims will change into their everyday clothes. That's it. The more expansions packs you have the more actual outfits you'll get to change into.

It's not made as elegantly as I hoped it would be when I started out but it's the best that I could do. It works -- with no real issues -- and it's pretty nifty to have most of the EA outfits on hand to choose from without cluttering up your clothes catalogs.

Terms of Use:
As always, you're free to use anything of mine however you'd like.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to mustluvcatz who was nice enough to do a quick play test of these for any obvious problems. SimPE, s3pe, s3oc, AGS, Gimp 2.8, Freemake Video Converter, Milkshape, Wings 3D, and EA for the meshes and textures.