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Updated: 13th Sep 2014 at 5:06 PM - Updated Spanish Translation.
You asked for it, and now you got it! I offer you the Army Officer Career to complement my Army Enlisted Career . The Army Officer Career has only one track for both male and female. Please keep in mind that both of these careers, while modeled on the real US military, are still careers for sims and their world! So your females, humans, fairies, witches, vamps, etc. can have fulfilling careers regardless of how the "real" world works! Enjoy! :D

The Boring But Important Stuff
As with any custom career, you'll need to have Twallan's Base Careers Mod installed in order for it to work.
Be sure to keep this mod updated, especially when a new patch is released. Twallan excels at keeping his mods up-to-date!

Patch Compatibility - This career was made with patch 1.42 and with Seasons installed. It works fine with patch 1.50 and with University Life installed. I'm patched to 1.67 and have all EPs including Into The Future. Still working fine.

Currently, the language is in English only, but I'm willing to take a crack at including other language files, so I've included a file for translators to use. Download the file, translate the text into your language, return the file to me and I'll integrate it into the career file and re-upload. You can attach your .zip or .rar file to the Comments in this thread, or PM me for contact information.

09/13/2014 - Updated Spanish Translation (Thanks, argos93 - sorry for the really long delay!)
05/07/2013 - Added German Translation (Vielen dank!, lilChibitan!!)
03/29/2013 - My apologies to all of you who have had a problem with this mod because I failed to realize that World Adventures is required because of the use of the Martial Arts skill. Mea Culpa!
03/10/2013 - Added Missing Tones Text; Changed the Colonel's uniform (the first one was really lame!); Made small changes to the Work Schedules.
12/20/2012 - Added Spanish Translation (Thanks, jorgedll!!)

All right. Enough of that. On to the details! The Army Officer Career is a ten-level career for Young Adult and Adult only, and has custom career outfits for male and female. The outfits are base game compatable, with one exception. Since EA did not see fit to include a pair of high-top military-style boots for females, you'll need to download Sentate's Unisex Military Boots , or your female soldier wll be wearing a dreadful pair of pumps with her fatigues! I liked the look of Senate's boots so much I also used them for the male uniforms, so be sure you download the male version as well.

Since this career complements the Army Enlisted career, you might have both of them in your game. The question then becomes "Since all of my Army sims are running around in the same uniforms, how the heck do I tell the officers apart from the enlisted?" The answer is, basically by checking the heagear. Since I'm an abject failure at modding clothing, I've created distinct headgear for the officers. Here are illustrations of the company and field grades up to Colonel, which is newly added (General Officer examples are in the screen shot section below):

The career includes four custom tones that your sim can select while at work to help increase the skills necessary for promotion (Athletic, Martial Arts, Charisma and Logic).

Your sim can join up through the newspaper, the computer or by going to the Military Base rabbithole.

Sorry, but this career does not currently have any opportunities or events, as I have not yet been able to figure out how to create customized opportunities/events! But I'm working on it!

Career Details: Levels, Descriptions, Hours and Pay

1. Second Lieutenant (2LT): Here you are, fresh out of officer training and sporting those golden "butter" bars! As a newly minted second lieutenant, you're put in charge of a platoon. You've got more responsibility than you thought you'd ever have, as you now have the lives and well-being of your troops to worry about as well as those thousands of dollars worth of equipment you've just signed for! Set aside your pride and let your platoon sergeant show you the ropes of leadership, 'cos he's got more time on a port-a-potty than you have in the Army! Work on your navigation abilities, too, so you don't get your convoy lost, 'cos you can't spell "LOST" without "LT!" (Don't let that LT be you!)
Hours: 7.00am ~ 5.00pm 10 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

2. First Lieutenant (1LT): Those 18 months went fast and you've traded your "butter" bars for that coveted silver one. You finally have some credibility, now that you've gotten through that "louie" phase. You got out of that tiresome platoon leader gig into something more cushy. But wait, it gets better: As you were enjoying the sedate life of a Battalion S-1, the colonel decided to send you back to your old company to serve as its XO. You act in the CO's stead in his absence, and it's NO picnic, lemme tell ya! Hopefully, you can get back to the cushy life of a staffer before too long, but don't hold your breath on that one, LT!
Hours: 7.00am ~ 5.00pm 10 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

3. Captain (CPT): Don't know what that promotion board saw in you, but they've gone and pinned a set of "railroad tracks" onto your collar! You are now a captain and your "louie" days are definitely over! The colonel is so impressed by your work as the company XO, he gives you command of the company! It only gets harder from here on, Captain, so keep your head in the game, 'cos you're the company commander now! The first sergeant is your right-hand, and your XO is your left, so make sure they help you to keep your company charging hard! The Battalion XO comes 'round from time to time, and that's NO PICNIC! What you wouldn't give to be back in a staffer position right now...
Hours: 7.00am ~ 5.00pm 10 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat (M,T,R,F,S)

4. Major (MAJ): Your days as a company grade officer are over! You're in the field grades now, Major! After a rather arduous stint as a CO, you now have that golden oak leaf to strut around in! You thought these field grade types got all the breaks and that you'd end up in a nice, cushy brigade staff officer position, but the colonel has other plans for you. You are assigned as the battalion S3! Thankfully, you have a young LT, a few sergeants and a gaggle of privates to delegate tasks and responsibilities to, so your only worry is that your LT might mess something up. As the Major, you are ultimately responsible and accountable to the colonel, so it's YOU who gets the butt-chewings from him when things go awry! Okay, so maybe being a field-grade officer isn't as easy as you thought, huh?
Hours: 7.00am ~ 5.00pm 10 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

5. Lieutenant Colonel (LTC): Your CO has earned those coveted eagles and has moved on to command the brigade. Looks as though you've moved on as well, as you are now the battalion commander with the silver oak leaf of a lieutenant colonel to prove it! Man! Your job is as hectic as ever, what with having to keep all of your company commanders in line, imposing 45-45's on young privates who make stupid decisions, and keeping the brigade commander happy! All eyes are on you, colonel! Keep your game-face on and maintain a close working relationship with your Sergeant Major as he advises you on enlisted affairs. And try not to let the general bore you in those myriad of staff meetings you'll have to attend! There are better, less career killing, places to catch some z's!
Hours: 8.00am ~ 5.00pm 9 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat (M,T,W,F,S)

6. Colonel (COL): Full-bird colonel! You never dreamed you'd make it this far, did you, {0.SimFirstName}? You wear a silver eagle on your collar, and now YOU are the brigade commander! You have generals breathing down your neck, and they can get a bit touchy, so it ain't gettin' any easier, Colonel! You have to make sure your Battalion Commanders always bring their A-game to work, or those stars will be way out of your reach. Keep charging hard and leading from the front, not the rear, and soon that first star could be yours! HOOAH!!
Hours: 8.00am ~ 5.00pm 9 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

7. Brigadier General (BG): Well here you are at last, in the rarified atmosphere of the General Officer! You've snagged your first star and are looking for a few more to go with it! You were hoping for an Assistant Division Commander slot, but find yourself in the Pentagon's maze instead. You're the Officer-in-Charge of special projects, but don't let that disappoint you. Look at it as another ticket punch on the road to that second star!
Hours: 8.00am ~ 4.00pm 8 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

8. Major General (MG): Two-star general! Your "stellar" performance at the Pentagon got you noticed, earned you your second star, AND got you your division! As Division Commander, you have a flock of full-bird colonels under you who run all of your brigades, and it's all up to you to ensure that they do it to the highest standards. Your face is on every wall that depicts the chain of command, so keep your game face on, general! You are the face of your division, and its shoulder patch always points back to you, so don't let your standards drop! Kick butt, stay on top of your skills and you could receive that kick upstairs you've had your heart set on! And remember, it's Corps Commander, not corpse commander!
Hours: 7.00am ~ 5.00pm 10 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

9. Lieutenant General (LTG): Three-star general! You wear three--count 'em--1, 2, 3--stars on your collar now! You are the Corps Commander, the face of your corps! You command the two-stars who run your divisions. You are first in and last out, and the divisions all look up to you! You also go to staff meetings at the Pentagon as often as most soldiers visit the PX! You command the local theater (and we ain't talking movies here!), be it a combat one or otherwise, so the operations all rest on your capable shoulders! You're a hard-chargin' trooper, and things can only go up from here!
Hours: 8.00am ~ 5.00pm 9 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)

10. General (GEN): Four-star general! You now have the highest peacetime rank in this man's (or woman's!) Army! You have commanded at every echelon possible and now you govern the ENTIRE Army as Chief of Staff! You practically live at the Pentagon and you have the Secretary of the Army, Secretary of Defense and the President breathing down your neck, so the pressure is on! The Army deploys and redeploys at your command and your decisions can either make or break certain units or certain soldiers. Your name is in the newspapers, on chain-of-command rosters, and in every military newsletter! The only thing higher than this is five-star general - but who really uses that one anymore? Way to go, general! Accept the thanks of a grateful nation! HOOAH!!!
Hours: 9.00am ~ 5.00pm 8 hrs
Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (M,T,W,R,F)


Creon - for his Tutorial/Guide and Q&A Thread; Inge & Peter Jones - for s3pe; The CTU Team - for CAS Texture+Unitool; CmarNYC - for Sim Outfit Editor/Creator tool; Twallan - for Careers Base Mod, Bootstrap Creator and Sims 3 STBL Editor ; Creators of; Sentate - for his Unisex Military Boots

Extra Special Thanks To: jmtexas1980 for supplying the job descriptions. I thought they were so good, I used them pretty much in total with a few edits here and there.

Also, thanks to jegs2 for career track information and ThomasRiordan for his help with STBL files (see especially posts #19 and #23 in Creon Q&A Thread above)