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"Ruffle Truffle" - Layered Mini-Dress for Females (Teen to Adult)

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Uploaded: 5th Dec 2012 at 11:12 PM
Hey there!

Once again I thought I've started a simple and quick project, which later turned out to be complicated and time consuming, lol This dress took a lot of my nerves and I had some strong doubts about sharing it (read the warning below), but here it is now. This mesh is different from EA dresses, since it has body meshed underneath. Yeah, now you can peek under girl's skirts However, you won't find anything there, just a pair of modest panties.


Please read this before downloading!
Because the Sims 3 doesn't have any physics for clothing and hair to imitate gravitation, all meshes are "glued" to the body, not matter what movement your Sims is doing (for example, hair won't fall down when your Sim is standing on his head). This dress is no exception, it won't animate properly when your Sims are sitting!
It's very puffy, so it will float above the knees and sink into the chair/sofa once your Sim will sit down. In general, ALL puffy dresses withing the game (both CC and EA) do that, it's just more noticeable on this dress because of the great volume the skirt has and how the butt is meshed underneath. You can see the comparison picture here.
Layered meshes don't animate well in game, so don't expect it to look good in extreme poses. The animations should be perfectly enough for walking/running/standing and simple gameplay (unless you can't live with how it looks when sitting).

Basic information:

- Dress can be found in CAS/Outfits for females, teens, young adult and adult.
- Can be used in Everyday, Formal and Career clothing categories (looks good on Showtime performers).
- 4 recolorable channels: top, skirt, belt, bow.
- Morphs states and breast slider capable.
- Teens have a different mesh than adults to fit their thinner and smaller bodies.
- All styles shown are included.
- Custom thumbnails included.

Do not upload to other sites!

Thanks and comments are welcome!

CC used:

Polygon Counts:
LOD1: 6896
LOD2: 3775
LOD3: 812