No Joining Careers At Rabbitholes

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2012 at 2:21 PM
Updated: 16th Feb 2013 at 7:59 AM - Updated info with part-time job information and with patch compatibility (no new downloads)
The 'Positioning Statement' Section

I personally find the idea that a person can just go anywhere in town and get a job to be a bit laughable -- I'm sure everyone here has been on a job hunt and found numerous businesses where they might have wanted a job but they weren't hiring. Sims 3 towns, on the other hand, seem to be suffering from a critical labour shortage and offer to hire even vagrants off of the streets (rather literally with EA Story Progression...).

This changes that. By disabling the manual ability to select a job at a rabbithole, you're forced to use the newspaper or a computer to do so, which means that you only get to pick and choose from the various jobs that are on offer instead of being to dictate which jobs you should be allowed to choose all on your own. (Sure, you can easily just forbid yourself from getting a job at a rabbithole, but that works right up until you can't keep yourself honest.)

Job hunt, ho!

The 'Updates' Section
  • 11 January 2013: Added optional tuning files for number of jobs and active careers offered in newspaper and computers
  • 21 December 2012: Version 1 (Release) - Current Version

The 'Technical Details' Section

This is an ITUN interaction tuning mod that simply makes the GetJobInRabbithole_Rabbithole interaction unselectable by sims and unavailable for all age categories, autonomously or otherwise -- effectively removing it from the game. It also blocks some active careers, including Private Detective, Interior Designer, Stylist, Ghost Hunter, and Firefighter professions, from being applied to at their respective rabbitholes as well.

The newspaper and computer job interactions are not modified in any way: this is how you apply for jobs. Since there are only 5 careers and 8 professions available at any given time on computer, and only 3 careers and 6 professions available at any given time on the newspaper, this can mean that you won't be able to select the jobs you want the first day you want them... so you will have to wait for the job you want to become available, or you'll have to take a job you don't want until another career opens up.

You can also still apply to City Hall to register for any Self-Employed career you choose. These are the skill-based careers such as Angler, Photographer, Martial Artist, Handysim, etc.

While obviously this means that visiting the job in person is skipped, it prevents anyone from joining just any job: they have to pick and choose from what's available instead of having the entire world fawning over them, as if their very existence is worthy of reverence. It might not be something that EA could get away with in the base game, but it's certainly more fun and realistic once you know it's coming!


The optional tuning allows you to pick and choose the number of rabbithole jobs and the number of active careers that will be listed in the newspaper and computer at any given time. Since I figured it was a little unfair that the newspaper offered fewer jobs than the computer, both the newspaper and computer now offer the same number of jobs. Feel free to ask for alternative tunings on the comments thread, bearing in mind that reserve the right to teach you to fish rather than giving you a fish. ;-)

My personally preferred tuning is 3 jobs/1 active. I think the default game offers far too many active careers at any given time. I leave the choice for the number of jobs and active careers up to you, of course. Feel free to gut the tuning files in S3PE if you want to tweak things to your heart's content.

These tuning files overwrite the ComputerCheap, ComputerExpensive, ComputerLaptop, ComputerLaptopVenue, and Newspaper XMLs, and will "conflict" with any other mods that do the same. It's not as bad as it sounds -- conflicts usually just mean that only one of the mods will take effect -- but you should only install one at a time, or else the one which takes effect might not be the one expected.

The 'What In Tarnation Is That' Section

The "NRaas" menu is added by NRaas MasterController

"Peewee League" is a part time job added by NRaas Careers

Hair is "Dramatic Curls" from the Store

The 'Compatibility and Known Issues' Section

Built with patch 1.38 and compatible up to and including 1.48. As a simple tuning mod, this is likely to remain compatible with future patches. For the love of goodness, please don't ask if it's compatible with a new patch if you haven't tried it already: you'll know as much as I do. =)

Confirmed 100% compatible with NRaas Careers mod. Your custom careers will still definitely show up in the newspapers and on the computer for you to apply to.

Warning: Part time careers do not appear in the newspaper for selection for adults, so bear in mind that if you enable this mod, part time careers are unfortunately also off-limits for adults. This is an unavoidable consequence of how EA programmed the "GetJobInRabbitHole" interaction, and although this can be rectified it requires a full scripting mod to do so (something this mod is definitely not). (n.b., Teenagers can still get part-time jobs anytime they like, using the normal Find a Job interactions of a newspaper or on a computer.)

If you must insist that adults be able to get part time jobs, Buzzler's Moar Interactions mod will still show the 3-hour part time shifts at various rabbitholes. There is no way to disable these as they are a hard-coded part of Buzzler's mod, but as a perhaps fortunate consequence these can at least be used as a way to "simulate" having a part time career.

As joining Showtime performance careers is handled via a social interaction on a person, there is unfortunately no way to disable that from selection without overriding the SocialData XML. But since it requires you to "apply" to a specific person, I'm willing enough to let that one slide if you are.

I have not modified the game's messages that mention joining careers at rabbitholes, so the game may occasionally tell you you can join a career at a rabbithole. Rest assured that you can't. =)

The 'What I Plan to Do' Section

As this is a straight tuning mod, there is very little that can be done to improve it. We are limited by the scripting that is already present in the game. It was brought up on the discussion thread that it is unrealistic not to have a job interview. I agree, but even in the base game there was no interview either: you would get the job no matter what, and attending in person was largely a "sign here please": I consider it more unrealistic to have open enrolment than being able to register for a job solely by an ad in the paper or on the computer, since at least those methods restrict your absolute freedom to pick and choose whatever you want whenever you want with no regard for needing any actual skill. Since again we're limited by the scripting available in the game for a tuning mod, make sure you understand that all this does is add an element of Sims 2-style difficulty rather than catering to your convenience. =)

A scripting mod that at least injects a custom part-time career selection for adults will be possible as a fix for the most egregious of the side effects, which I predict may be possible some time in the first quarter of 2013. This would be a direct replacement of this mod, moving from a tuning mod to doing it all by script. Please note that I have a full schedule and I am absolutely bloody notorious for missing release dates, so don't hold me to this. ;-)

I do have plans to create a full-on scripting mod that greatly expands the job hunting procedure in a far better way, but that is a long way off, and compatibility with NRaas Careers could be a problem. Suggestions are welcome on the comment thread or via PM but odds are good I've thought of it already, and as said, it's a long way off -- if ever.

Go ahead and beat me to it if you like! I tend to live my life with the motto in Annie, Get Your Gun (specifically, "Anything you can do I can do better" -- including not being able to bake a pie, which I can not-bake much better than you could ever not-bake a pie). But I love it when people hand my ego back to me and make me feel six inches tall by one-upping me, because continuous strides towards excellence improve quality for everyone, even if it's not me doing them. Plus it saves me work. ;-)