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LoveSeat Of Modern: 15 new colors and many possibliities!(5 New Uploads)

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Uploaded: 17th Dec 2012 at 12:15 AM
Updated: 31st Dec 2012 at 3:19 PM - I decided to post two of my unposted chairs and a person has made a request.
This upload of mine comes with 15 recolors so that you can have as many options of warping this love seat as possible. It's understandable as a sims player that you can get tired of using the same choices when there aren't many choices to select from in the first place.

The colors in this package will range from red,orange,yellow,purple,light green,maroon and dark pink. That's not all! If you think these colors are too bland for your tastes, how about I add recolors that will add a little spice to this loveseat?

I'm sure you guys are interested in the matching Bakomi Chairs. Here is the link below.


The pattern Recolors vary from;Floral,Retro,and Gator skin.

Hi guys! It looks like I've been up to some more stuff. Before deciding to submit my recolors for the Studio Bakami Loveseat, I had to decide which recolors I would submit. I had so loveseat colors to submit. Eventually, I resorted to submitting the ones that I was the most confident in. time. I stared off submitting the solid tone recolors. After that submitting the solid tones, I posted the pattern recolors. This is my 3rd time posting some recolors. I will label the recolors as "new". For starters, if it wasn't for modthesims member Simonut, I would not have ever made the decision of posting the 3rd wave of recolors. Simonut also made a request for a loveseat recolor. The images are below. A few of my new designs originated from the request of Simonut. Thanks Simonut!




Additional Credits:
Thanks to photoshop,adobe illustrator, and SimPE for giving me the benefit of creating these colors. I will also have to mention that I thank the individuals who created the nice hair styles and clothes. Without those creators, my sim models would not be as great looking. Good job on the clothes and hair!