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Tomb- The Mysterious Simshield Mansion - Another adventure comes to life!

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2013 at 5:10 PM
Important : before placing the tomb, change the lot type to "Landmark Tomb" or to "No visitors Allowed"!
-using this tomb as a house for your sims or a residental lot might destroy it's mechanism-
*- a 60x60 lot is required, community lot-*

Lord Simshield's Mansion was known as a quiet place for generations, not too flashy, not too luxiorious, but not too simple.

However, Simshield's job was never known to the residents of the city, it was unknown how he became wealthy, it is up to you to find out!

The Storyline takes place in the neighborhood you've put this tomb in.... which is probably your neighborhood or France and maybe even China.

Lord Edward Simshield's Mansion is built upon a secret base, that's all you should know at first, it's up to you to go on a new adventure with your sims and find out the secrets of the mansion! but be warned, mummies, traps, and hidden doors lie deep down.

This tomb include:
  • Mummies! they can be found by triggering some events, it might be possible to respawn them, but probably not.
  • Traps! however, the traps aren't a major part of this tomb.
  • 1 final room
  • A mediocre storyline, featuring two fictional characters.
  • Styled walls, furniture, non-custom content.
  • Though it might be a it dissapointing, the tomb length is shorter than "Tomb of the Desert Dragon", but is longer than "Pleasent rest replacement tomb"

Other Notes:
  • This tomb won't be too long, don't worry, however, don't be dissapointed, it's not too short, sure you can solve in in 30 minutes, but that is of course, if you know all the answers.
  • The Mansion can be used as a community lot aswell, but it is recommended to put it on No-Visitors allowed, and also a Mixologist will try hacking in to the house every afternoon, but don't worry, she'll need your help first, and she might get a shock of one of the entrence traps, I always get it too.
  • I'm sorry that this tomb requires so much expension packs, for future tombs I'll try to work on another computer with less expension packs.

Have fun playing!

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price: 442,105
Lot Price Unfurnished: 175,624

Additional Credits:
MTS staff- for allowing us to upload stuff

Me- cause I want additional credits :3

you- my supporters.... for errr...... supporting?

Personal Comment:
Tombs, Tombs and Tombs, it seems that one of the many challenges of building that Sims 3 allow us to experience, Tomb-Making might be one of the most annoying experience for some, some may ask why did I put that much effort and time onto them? why didn't I give up after making 6 diffrent tombs that most of them failed due to their exterior? doesn't it hurt to go on and on trying to fix any small bug, each time rechecking for any mistakes?

Yes, indeed, it's hard, making a tomb is not easy, just the moment that you're sure it's finally finished, it's the moment you figure that the easy work is done, it requires linking countless objects, testing a number of times, and for me it's especially difficult to get good pictures.

Hopefully, no more, I've finally figured out the system, how to get the right size, the right angle, and the right dimentions, with this, I'm sure I'll be able to soon upload more tombs, and the only motivation that I got, is just the mere Idea of beeing unique, beeing someone special, beeing this site--- no, this community's unique Tomb Builder, therefore, I shall do my best to fulfill this ambition.