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Doctor Who - Clara - the new companion

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2012 at 1:50 PM
Run,you clever boy. And remember.

Clara Oswin Oswald

as played by Jenna Louise Coleman

I've been working on this sim ever since The Asylum of the Daleks, but I didn't completely finished her until after the Christmas Special. Clara is awesome, and I can't wait for more episodes, because I'm really curious to see what's her story. I won't say too much, in case you still haven't seen the Christmas Special.

Clara sim is a young adult, and is packaged with default skintone and base game hair and clothes.

Custom Content

- Hair by Anubis
- Victorian Clara hair from SPN EP, Oswin hair by Peggy
- Outfit from Diesel SP, Victorian Clara from SPN EP, and Oswin dress by Anubis
- Eyebrows by Jessica 2020
- Contacts by Shady
- Skintone by Joedy
- Blush by LadyFrontBum
- Lipstick by S-Club - no. 31
- 3D eyelashes - set I - by S-Club Privee


Extended Slider Range/Quantity: Awesomemod by Pescado set at 3x
Additional Facial Sliders: by bella3k4 and aWT
Head shape slider by Jonha
Head size slider by Jonha
Overlip curve slider by Whiterider
Chin to neck slider by hereit

As you probably already know, you only need these sliders if you intend to change the sim's faces. If you like her the way she is, then you'll be fine without the sliders.

Hope you like her! Have fun!

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to all of the creators and to my awesome tumblr peoples!