MTS Official 2013 Calendar

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2013 at 8:30 PM
Updated: 11th Dec 2013 at 11:36 PM - Fixed winner's name
In continuation of MTS annual Calendar Contest, I am pleased to present to you the 2013 addition of the in game calendar. We had a great time with this year's contest and, although we didn't receive as many entries as we did last year, we still got more than enough to give your sims a new calendar for their homes and offices. Considering that not everyone has Seasons and those that do have a huge amount of flexibility with which Seasons to include and how many days each are independently, this calendar functions with a manual preset button. If you do have Seasons and have each season enabled and set to the minimum of 3 days, you'd have a 12 day calendar. This download features 12 months so each calendar month would correspond with 1 in-game day. You just need to CAST the picture to change the preset to the next month.

This painting is the Modern Painting that uses the mesh of the Goth Painting so, technically a new mesh. It is base game compatible. It is one object with 12 different presets for each of the months. The months are in order so, when you are ready to switch over, just choose the next image in the presets. You will find it under Decorative -> Wall Hangings for the low, low price of §50. Because of the presets, you can just change the months using CAST without having to rebuy, saving your sims §550 over the course of a year! Thrifty, eh? The pushpins are recolorable for each of the presets as well. They are each different from each other already but can be changed to whatever your sim's heart desires. The item has been flagged to be shiftable up and down walls as well if you ever feel you need to slide it around to accommodate dressers, chairs, desks or whatever might happen to be in the way, you should have no problems.

Also, this calendar does not overwrite last year's. That's right! You can have both in your game at once. Whether your sims are hoarders and just never get rid of anything or you really just like the pictures, you can keep your 2012 Wall Calendar with no problems. Do make sure to clear your caches first though, including thumbnails, to make sure it shows up right in the catalog.

NameChannelsPriceCatalog LocationPolygon Count hi/low
2013 Wall Calendar250Buy Mode>Decorative>Wallhangings130/8

Note: The first channel allows for changing of the preset; the actual color does nothing. The second channel is the pushpins which are not really meant to have patterns. They can but the surface area for them is so small that you likely won't see it so solid colors (like real tacks) are best.

Special thanks and congratulations go out to all of our winners: spladoum, Lunararc, varpunen, GuySim1993, naiyasfury, Japalion9, PlayinSafe, Black_Zekrom, MidnightTear, ButchSim, laracroftfan1, and InEmergencyDressing. For a full list of entries, please see the original entry table.

Polygon Counts:
High: 130
Low: 8

Additional Credits:
- MTS Staff for judging entries and contestants for entering. Would not have been possible without all of you!
- Leesester; because this is an edit of last year's calendar, this would not have been possible without her from the beginning.
- Creators of S3OC, S3PE, TT3.