(Grits Updated! 07-14-2013) 4 Morning Meals: Berry Oatmeal, 2 recipes for grits, and Peaches & Yogurt

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2013 at 8:04 PM
Updated: 19th Jul 2013 at 2:38 PM
(Both of the grits breakfast meals have been updated for this upload. If you would like to upload the updated versions, I would suggest that you delete the older versions so that you will not have any double files in your game. )

Without Sims99Fanatic, I would probably have never figured out how to make foods for breakfast. Even though I'm not very great at meshing, I still have my creativity.

So here is what you should expect in this upload:

*Peach Yogurt- This is a quick breakfast for a person in a hurry. I've edited it to be chopped, stirred, and served.

*Blueberry Oatmeal-A creamy bowl of oatmeal that is filled with sweet blueberries.

*Cheese & Grits-This meal has a reputation in the south. You can eat it almost anyway you like. It's great for people who really don't care much for oatmeal.

*Cheese & Sausage Grits- A grits breakfast for the people who want to add a little meat.

Those are the 4 delicious meals that you have to look forward too. These meals are great for sims with low cooking skill.

Additional Credits:
Of course I would have to give credit for the help of Sims99Fanatic. Without her, I would probably have not uploaded this. She helped me understand behaves more. Thanks!

The other credits go out to Adobe CS4,Gimp2, Yahoo images, and my southern upbringing.