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Seasons Wishing Wells of Hazard

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Uploaded: 7th Mar 2013 at 6:25 AM
Updated: 26th Dec 2018 at 3:35 AM
Title: Seasons Wishing Wells of Hazard

April 14, 2015: Smaller Size & Improved Foreign Support

When I designed this project I included some international language support. Unfortunately, non-English language users experienced incorrect labeling and erratic menu operation because of this. My appreciation goes to Alraris for alerting me to these issues. This release is intentionally unilingual, reducing filesizes by up to 50%, which is of benefit to all users. Please install the contents of sdHazardWellSsn_Hazard.zip to upgrade.


General Description

These wells are slaved to EA's original, so all Seasons well recolours such as my 70+ Tiny Fizesize Seasons Wishing Well Recolours (shown in the screenshots) and 36 Seasons Wishing Well Recolours Using Michelle's Pooklet & Special Textures (also available here) will work with the Wells of Hazard.

Unlike the original EA well, making a wish at a particular Well of Hazard does not lock out making wishes at any other well that may be on the same lot.

The Wells of Hazard come in both roofed and roofless (includes the bucket and winch components but not the roof) versions. The two versions of the well are found in Decorative/Sculpture, as follows:

§2521 Roofless Well of Hazard
§2522 Covered Well of Hazard

These Wells come with three of the optional memory files distributed with my original Cursed and Healing wells, in addition to two new memory files. All five applicable memory files are included in the Wells of Hazard download.

Sims are autonomously attracted to drink from the well by their needs for cooling, for comfort, and to satisfy thirst. The well's Blessing & Curse (Hazard) feature may be disabled by menu option if desired.

Terms of Use

You may include the Wells of Hazard and optional memories in uploaded lots, whether for free or pay.

I would encourage you to please include the five associated memory files when uploading a Hazard Well with a lot. But having said this, note that the memory files are completely optional and not required for proper operation of the objects.

When uploading any of this content, please include a credit and link to this page. It would be nice if you sent me a PM with a link to your uploaded creation, but that is not necessary.

Polygon Count for the Roofless Well of Hazard

2052 faces, 1710 vertices

(The Covered Well directly references the EA roofed well mesh which has 2208 faces & 1950 vertices)


GIMP 2, IrfranView, Microsoft Paint and Photo Editor for graphics evaluation, processing, sizing, and labeling
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for development and testing
SimPE, PJSE, and CEP for Sims 2 object creation
Pregnancy Controller cleanup is a development of algorithms from Pescado's "Batbox" Lot Debugger
"Rename Sim: Change Last Name" uses the SwapFirstAndLastName LUA Script from christianlov's Last Name Copier
StephSim's Gwyrch series forms the setting for the medieval screenshots,
and the roads are courtesy of sunni9676's Dirt Road & Grass Replacement