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Duplicate Hat Hiders for Katy Perry's Sweet Treats and Seasons

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Uploaded: 12th Mar 2013 at 12:39 AM
Updated: 28th Mar 2013 at 5:05 AM
Basically hides the 2nd and 3rd color templates, for much less clutter for all hats P(Toddlers)-E for Seasons and T-E for Sweet Treats.
Works for all game versions as long as you have Sweet Treats and/or Seasons installed, otherwise it's pointless.

There should be no conflicts unless they edit these resources.
afHairHatSP06CottonCandy or efHairHatSP06CottonCandy
afHairHatSP06Peppermint and efHairHatSP06Peppermint
afHairHatSP06CookieBeret and efHairHatSP06CookieBeret
afHairHatSP06SweetHeart and efHairHatSP06SweetHeart
afHairHatSP06FlowerGirl and efHairHatSP06FlowerGirl
cuHairHatEP08AlienC_0x76f014e2c46bc202, afHairHatEP08AlienCostume, amHairHatEP08AlienCostume, efHairHatEP08AlienCostume and emHatHairEP08AlienMask
cuHairHatEP08HotDog, tmHairHatEP08HotDog, afHairHatEP08HotDog, amHairHatEP08HotDog, efHairHatEP08HotDog and emHairHatEP08HotDog
cuHairHatEP08Gnome, afHairHatEP08Gnome, amHairHatEP08Gnome, efHairHatEP08Gnome and emHairHatEP08Gnome
puHairHatEP8SsKnit, cuHairHatEP8SsKnit, afHairHatEP8SsKnit, amHairHatEP8SsKnit, efHairHatEP8SsKnit and emHairHatEP8SsKnit
puHairHatEP8SsBomber, cuHairHatEP8SsBomber, amHairHatEP8SsBomber, and emHairHatEP8SsBomber
cuHairHatEP08CowPlant, amHairHatEP08CowPlant and emHairHatEP08CowPlant
afHairHatEP08Mermaid and efHairHatEP08Mermaid
afHairHatEP8SsBand and efHairHatEP8SsBand
afHairHatEP8SsButtons and efHairHatEP8SsButtons
afHairHatEP8SsTrapper and efHairHatEP8SsTrapper

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of S3OC, S3PE and CTU for making these hiders possible.