University Life: 'Juice' to 'Alcohol' Override (1.55 compatible)

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2013 at 8:39 PM
Updated: 12th Jul 2013 at 10:21 AM
If, like me, you're already getting sick of seeing your student sims drinking juice instead of beer, then this mod is perfect for you!

What this mod will do:
The 'Juice' to 'Alcohol' mod is an STBL override, and will replace the current text strings relating to the juice keg and juice pong. The term 'juice' is now either removed, or replaced with the terms 'alcohol' or 'beer', depending on the context. Meaning your sims can now drink beer, throw regular keggers and play beer pong like normal people! It also changes the moodlet names so sims will get either Buzzed, Tipsy or Drunk from drinking said beer. Examples of some of the changes can be seen in the attached images.

What this mod won't do:
Unfortunately scripting, object modding etc is far beyond my capabilities. As a result, this mod will not make your sims act differently after drinking beer. It only changes the wording, not the behaviour. If you would like to see your sims really get drunk, I recommend ani_'s wonderful Drinks For Your Sims mod.

This mod also only changes the strings relating to the University Life EP. It won't affect the juice served from bars and such, nor will it effect the nectar from World Adventures.

Compatible with 1.55! This mod was built with 1.50 and requires the University Life EP. It is a is a STBL (string) override mod; it only changes the juice-related text which was added with UL in the FullBuild_p18 (TGI:220557DA-88000000-007830F4BB6AF112) and DeltaBuild0 (TGI:220557DA-00000000-000F16B00BA8342F) packages. Therefore, it should not conflict with any other types of mod, and should be compatible with all other STBL-altering mods, unless you happen to come across one which alters the same strings. There are no known conflicts at this time. The mod also only supports the English language version of the game right now, sorry! If you want to change that, see the Translations section below.

How to use:
Simply unzip and place in your \Mods\Packages folder like you would with any mod and enjoy!

Right now, this mod will not have any affect on non-English games. If you wish to submit a translation in your own language, download the file marked 'TRANSLATORS ONLY' and unzip. Please only use Notepad or a similar application to edit, and only change the text - not the IIDs (the ones that start with 0x) or the quotation marks. Then, re-upload the file in a comment here and I will add it to the mod. You will, of course, be credited, and don't forget to tell me which language it is!

The 'Translated' version file currently contains: German translation (courtesy of Nyuzuki), Italian translation (courtesy of Federick92), French translation (courtesy of guiguibusson), Dutch translation (courtesy of User100)

Additional Credits: S3PE STBLizer