Another Pixel Anachronism: Yasimo F# Symphonator Keyboard

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2013 at 4:54 AM
I've always found it strange that EA didn't include any keyboards in TS2. You'd think it'd be an obvious thing to have - more obvious than, say, a bong disguised as a lurid pink children's toy, or a plant-watering robot that doesn't water plants. There have been a few CC keyboards made over the years, but none of them are that much to my liking, so I decided to take the easy way out and convert this rather lovely TS3 keyboard.

I discovered a few hours ago that while I was working on this, someone else (amitovam?) converted the same object. I decided to upload this anyway, because I did it, it is objectively superior to everyone else's keyboards (because it comes in unwashed piss-poor hippie colour), and because I don't think anyone else has done a version with two subsets. So, yay me!

There are five keyboard colours and four stand/stool colours, as per the pics.

The keyboard can, unsurprisingly, be found in Hobbies -> Creative, and costs §1,000 - making it significantly cheaper than the upright, but still pricey enough to keep away the hipsters. I was hoping to do a set of less fancy instruments, but cloning any instrument other than a piano is a complete nightmare, and unfortunately I just don't have time. Maybe next year.

I was also intending to make a basegame compatible version - and indeed I did so! Unfortunately, it suffers from an error I can't figure out and, again, I just don't have time to go beating it with sticks of inquiry and tweaking. So... maybe next year.

But all is not lost! Even though I haven't provided a full set of affordable instruments for your simmies, I have provided one extraordinarily affordable keyboard - no liability accepted if the stand rusts through and collapses on your sim's foot.

I told you it came in unwashed piss-poor hippie colour.


Polygon Counts:
1783 - A little high, I'm afraid, due mainly to the cylindrical stand bits

Additional Credits:
The lovely Phae, whose daughters of chimeway piano helped me confirm that my own keyboard is not broken, I just have some stupid hack conflict in my main game that I'm too lazy to fix. And I think it was Phae who helped me work out the EP requirements, too.

And to Tim Minchin, for singing in F#.