Professional Comedian Career

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Do you desire a sim to be a funny man or funny woman? Too bad maxis didn't create a comedy based career. Not to worry. I've made a custom comedy career for you all.

My custom career, "Professional Comedian" has been used in my game for quite awhile. Ever since I've uploaded my boxing career, I may as well just share the comedian career with you as well. I'm sure this career option will serve a purpose. To create this career, I cloned it from Maxis "Entertainment Career" Adult version. The entertainment career comes with the Freetime EP so that means you will need Freetime. You will also need "Open For Business". The career reward gained is "Putting Green" mini golf reward which is in OFB.

Details about the " The Professional Comedian" Career

Some people think that being a comedian is easy work. Making people laugh is not always as easy as it may seem. As you step inside this custom made career you will learn and go through the process of becoming part of the entertainment industry. It will take your sim some creativity, charisma, and social skills to get by in this career. Your sim will also be out and about at night. This career maybe fun to play and it can also be challenging at the least. When you start in this career, you won't have an income at all. After the first level of the career, you will start getting chump change from a possible small job. It's highly suggested that Comedians should keep their "Day Job". There is no guarantee that you will become a success right out of nowhere.

The 10 Levels you must face

1. Peoples Person- Hr 9am-11am / Wages = 0$

2. Comedy Class Student- Hr 2pm-5pm /Wages=86$

3. Smile Cracker- Hr 6pm-10pm / Wages= 175$

4. Comedy Club Seeker- Hr 5pm-11pm / Wages 278$

5. Gut Buster - Hr 8pm -11pm / Wages=294$

6. Amateur Comedian- Hr 5pm-10pm/Wages=540$

7. Open Mic Nighter- Hr 6pm-11pm/Wages=850$

8. Stand Up Comedian- Hr 7pm-11pm/Wages=2,300$

9. Movie Comedian- Hr 5pm-11pm/Wages=4,250$

10. Professional Comedian- Hr 3pm-10pm/Wages=6,247$

Change Cards

The chance cards are just like those of maxis careers. In my chance cards you can gain promotions, earn points, and money. Some of the chance cards have a little corny humor (depends on your taste). This is supposed to be a career based on comedy. I'm not an actual comedian myself but I tried by becoming a temporary comedian.

Additional Credits:
* Font Space and 1001 Free Fonts. I've downloaded some very interesting fonts from this site. I believe in words adding character to a picture sometimes. Especially if the words have character to them.

*Adobe Photoshop- I was able to create icons that could blend with the game. Creating icons are quite enjoyable to make.

* SimPE- One of the main tools that had to be used to make this upload possible.

* Ehow and other informative websites- With these informative websites, I was able to do a little research on what a comedian has to go through. This helped make the custom career a bit more realistic.

Age: Adult
Career Type: Realistic
Chance cards: All

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