nona - 10x15 3-unit apartment building (no cc/store content)

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Uploaded: 24th Mar 2013 at 1:25 PM

lot size: 10x15
price: $23.697 f / $15.350 uf
cost to rent: $236
Note: Requires University Life. uni's yet to be added to the expansion pack selection; i'll update this when it is.

a set of tiny (tiny!) studio apartments for the sim who wants an authentically cramped college experience. i built these as an experiment to see how the game's new roommate and permission-setting mechanics operate in multi-family dwellings (summary: better than i'd feared, worse than i'd hoped), and none of the super-cheap university "starters" could handle more than one or two roommates. enter nona: habitable by up to 6 sims, and cheap enough for any freshly-minted young adult to afford on their first semester.

each unit comes with the basics, plus:

- computer
- mirror
- bookshelf
- dresser

the kitchenette has no stove, but does come with a microwave and mini-fridge, encouraging the traditional college diet of ramen, frozen gas station burritos, tv dinners, and misery. note that mini-fridges do not function like normal refrigerators and therefore won't store ingredients, leftovers, or allow for real cooking (even if it's a recipe that doesn't require a stove).

notes about the lot's playability!:

- bless the devs for finally (after what, nine years of needing this feature?) adding individual permissions for doors. this is literally the only thing that makes it possible to live with roommates in a true apartment-style multi-family dwelling. this function is located under the "lock" menu that pops up when you click on a door. utilize it to its fullest or else you will hate your whole entire life.

- these are tiny apartments! everything is crammed together for maximum space-efficiency, but it means that there will be some complaints occasionally about routing. if you notice your sims throwing too many stomp-fits re: dining table/chairs, try removing the decorative fold between the kitchen area and the sleeping area. it's there for "realism" (sims don't care about privacy unless they're pooping, apparently) but it will occasionally block the path if a sim is sitting at the table.

- if you decide to go with the maximum amount of sims this lot can support and get a large number of roommates (say, 5), move-in day will be an absolute mess. don't worry about it--just set your locked door permissions and let jesus take the wheel. it takes about a day for them to figure out where they're supposed to go.

- due to tremendously, hilariously bad pathing, sims will occasionally attempt to use items located behind a locked door in another unit (even if there's a suitable object not in use in THEIR OWN unit). don't be alarmed when they throw a fit; all furniture was tested and is workable, so it's nothing wrong with object placement. sims are just DUMB AS HELL. usually after a single tantrum, they'll relent and go use the object in their own unit.

- if you have seasons, the leaves from the tree aren't rakeable; there's not enough room on the lot to get them into a pile. if it really bothers you, you'll have to delete the tree.

- this isn't just a college house; you can place this lot in your regular neighborhood and still activate roommate services. it works pretty well as a boarding house for sims straight out of college who don't have families yet. if you need larger units, there's room to expand upward, and the layout is functional enough that it shouldn't require any structural rearranging. spiral stairs will help.

Lot Size: 1x2
Lot Price: 23,697