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leah - 10x15 starter/cheap college rental [no cc/store content]

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2013 at 12:08 AM

lot size:: 10x15
price: $16.443 f / $11.146 uf
cost to rent: $164
Requires University Life. uni's yet to be added to the expansion pack selection; i'll update this when it is.

a small, prefab-style one bedroom house built as a cheap college rental, but can function as a starter house just as easily. fully furnished, modestly decorated; sleeps two sims, but with some clever rearranging, it could sleep four (though with the cramped layout, i wouldn't recommend it).

comes with the basics, plus:
- television
- bookshelf
- computer
- easel
- guitar
- pool
- bicycle
- mirror


- the paperboy drops off newspapers in the backyard, by the pool. i have no idea how or why, given that there's plenty of room in the front, and the backyard is completely fenced in. the paperboy is a wizard.

- if you'd rather have a double bed at the expense of some of the extras (namely the easel and computer), you can extend the foundation right up to the pool edge without much hassle. it makes the house a little more family-friendly, and a little less roommate-friendly.

- the kitchenette lacks counterspace for preparing real meals (college!), but this shouldn't be an issue unless you replace the mini-fridge and add a stove.

Lot Size: 1x2
Lot Price: $16,443