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Barbados Chattel House (No CC)

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2013 at 9:10 PM
Updated: 23rd Jan 2014 at 4:09 PM - added button for University EP
Chattel houses are small moveable houses set on blocks or a groundstill rather than being anchored into the ground. They are built entirely out of wood and assembled without nails so that they could easily be disassembled and moved away. Chattel houses were originally used by the plantation workers of Barbados. Back in plantation days they often rented or owned a chattel house and lived on the estates where they worked for the landlord.

Today chattel houses have a greater degree of premanence. Modern chattel houses are often connected to the electricity mains and the public sewer system. Many of them are nicely refurbished and repainted such as the house you see here. It's a typical barbados chattel house that is located at Wildey Main Road, St. Michael. I just fell in love with the colours and the shape of the house so I tried to rebuild it for Sims 3. With a little bit of custom content (e.g. for the roof, the windows etc.) it would perfectly look like a typical chattel house of Barbados, however, I wanted this to be a download without any custom content. Please feel free to upgrade the house for your own use.

If you would like to learn more about chattel houses you may read the articel of the Bajan Reporter (link here ) or at Wikipedia (link here ).

Lot Price:
Furnished: 53,045 §
Unfurnished: 32,026 §

Lot Size:

Lot Placement:
The house looks best in its original location at „The End of the Road“ in Sunlit Tides. Since it's a beach lot it looks weird if you place it on grassy ground (e.g. in Sunset Valley or Riverview). You'd have to edit the whole terrain paint to make it look better.

If you don't have Sunlit Tides in your game, don't worry. I have tested the house in most worlds and found another three places where it looks good, too. You may just have to edit the terrain paint slightly to make it fit into Egypt, Lucky Palms or Lunar Lakes (see pictures below).

Lot Description:
The house is made for a family with two (max. three) children and is very nice to play with. Furnishings and decor is rather basic, however, I made sure that sims will feel comfortable in all rooms. You may only need to buy a few toys for your sims children. Rooms included:
  • master bedroom with baby crib, dresser and en-suite bathroom
  • bedroom with bunk bed, writing desk and bookshelf
  • living room with tv, nectar rack and guitar
  • dining room with bookshelf and radio
  • kitchen with basic kitchen equipment
  • bathroom with bathtub
Unfortunately I have no idea how a chattel house looks inside so I don't know what kind of furniture or colours people of Barbados would use for their homes. I imagined it as colourful as the house itself. If you live there or if you have been in such a house I'd love to read your story.

The Barbados Chattel House for Sims 3 features:
  • 1 car for the parents and 2 bicycles for children
  • patio with outdoor grill and a place to sit
  • moveable fireplace with 4 chairs
  • vegetable garden with banana tree, several bean plants, potatoes, lettuce etc.

Cheats used:
TestingCheatsEnabled, Buydebug, Moveobjects, PlaceFriezes and ConstrainFloorElevation.

I checked the file with CUSTARD to make sure that there is nothing included that doesn't belong there.

No Custom Content and no Store Items were used to build the house.

To have the lot look like on the pictures you need to have the following expansion packs installed to your game:
  • World Adventures
  • Pets
  • Showtime
  • University

Built/Saved/Playtested with Game Version

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: F53,045 / U32,026