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"The Berries" - Two New Dresses for Children

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Uploaded: 4th Apr 2013 at 7:47 PM

There seems to be oodles of clothing for our adult Sims these days, but as a legacy player I spend almost as much time dressing my kids as I do my grownups. So, once I figured out how to mesh, I decided to create a couple of outfits for child aged Sims, and after many false starts today I finally bring to you "The Berries", two cute new dresses for girls.

There are two separate dresses in this set, "Mayberry" and "Juneberry", and they are both made from and inspired by one of the children's dresses that came with the Supernatural expansion pack (you know, the one with the high collar and long, puffy sleeves). I always thought that it had good bones, but I never liked it as one outfit. It was too formal, too stuffy, and too old-fashioned. So, I cut off the top of the dress and the second hem and created Juneberry, but still I wasn't quite satisfied yet. Then one day while I was looking through a children's clothing catalog, I stumbled across this adorable skirt and top combination, and that's how I got the inspiration for Mayberry. It's more of what I think the Supernatural dress ought to have looked like in the first place, trendy and fun.

Basic Information:
  • These dresses are for female children.
  • They appear in the everyday and formalwear categories. They are not enabled for random or outerwear.
  • Mayberry has TWO different channel choices, one with three recolorable channels and one with two. In CAS, the first two presets offer two blended channels for the top plus a third solid channel for the skirt, while the third and fourth presets offer two recolorable channels, one for the top and one for the skirt. (You can more clearly see what I'm describing in my "presets" and "channels" pictures below, although I didn't show the fourth preset in my pictures as it is merely a simple black and white combination.)
  • Juneberry has four recolorable channels, the top, the sash and bow, the skirt, and the hem.
  • Both outfits are frankenmeshed from the Supernatural dress and other bits and pieces of EA clothing. They both have working morphs and new LODs.
  • They have custom thumbnails for easy recognition.

Due to the way EA made their clothing animate (and the lack of gravity in the game and so on), these dresses do have some minor clipping issues in extreme positions. In particular, the skirt on my Juneberry dress will clip sometimes. However, after extensive play testing and fooling around with bone assignments and so on, I've come to accept that there is nothing I can do about it. Here is a picture of the dress as compared to EA's outfits, and as you can see their clothes clip just as much if not more so than my dress. I'm very, very sorry if this bothers you (as it does me), but it is completely normal.

CC Used:

Polygon Counts:
LOD1: 3164
LOD2: 918
LOD3: 534

LOD1: 3462
LOD2: 1072
LOD3: 524

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC for the meshing toolkit and extremely helpful advice, both here and at Simlogical, BloomsBase for help with bone assignments and tolerating my noobie questions about compression, Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE, and the creators of Milkshape, CTU, Balancer Lite, and all the many, many poses and tutorials I used. Thank you! =D