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University For Your Home World

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Uploaded: 17th Apr 2013 at 11:28 AM
Updated: 9th Feb 2016 at 1:20 AM - To add more emphasis on the requirements
02/08/16 Post has been updated with new link to the University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs. Thank you so much for downloading this lot. *HUGS*

When Margaret Pendragon uploaded the University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs[by request] and Twallan updated the Careers Mod Suite to accommodate a home world University, I had to try it out. So I created a lot for most of the same functions that you can have in a University world. The lot have several buildings that serve each of the colleges, stadium/annex and administration office. There is a mini quad area and a small garden of herbs and a grill area in between the administration and science/medical buildings.


Required EP, University Life, and I did use some items from the Decades, 70's, 80's, & 90's SP, although the SP is not required.

To make this lot work as intended, you will need Margaret Pendragon's RH Rugs for University Life and

Twallan's Career Mod Suite http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Careers I have the base mod, DataSchools, DataPart-Time, DataSelf-Employed, DataUnemployed, DataTones installed in my game. DataTones is most definitely needed to get the University Classes. Thanks to Jenn and Firestarr for testing and letting me know that.

For more details about using a home world University, a quote from his State Of The Mod:


So... While I am biding my time waiting for any straggler requests to come in regarding the three mods mentioned earlier, I have been looking into homeworld university.

Good news : I have it working rather well, and I will have a new version of Careers with the ability available soonish (possibly tonight if I don't hit any big snags).

Bad news : EA in their infinite wisdom added a cleanup routine for Academic Careers while playing the homeworld, which unfortunately they placed in a rather obnoxious location.

To add protections around that code, without the use of a Core-Mod, requires some updates to the suite, along the same lines as how Dream Catching works:
All Hard-Reset mods will need updating (MasterController, ErrorTrap)
All mods that involve switching households will need updating (Selector, PortraitPanel, StoryProgression, Mover)
A change to the "Age Up" interaction will be needed (Overwatch)

What this means is that if you want to play using a homeworld university, you will need to install a couple mods from the suite to ensure the academic career is not stripped off your sims.
This issue may also explain the disappearance of the career in normal gameplay as well, a side-effect of accidentally switching household, or being reset, while Traveler is installed.
That problem should also be resolved once the appropriate mods have been updated.

You can play without the additional mods, as long as you don't allow an active sim to age-up, switch households, or have a catastrophic hard-reset (yes, this one may be tough to intentionally avoid).

I did create a Student Union building off the lot and my sim even got lecture classes, although there's no professor instructing. That was funny, my sim sleeps through the lecture.

In the downloads section, one of the files is labeled as S3P for Sims3Pack and the other is a library .package file download. The library file can go in Documents/EA/TS3/Library folder. Pick one to install in the game.

My friends, I hope you enjoy.

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: furnished 324,250/unfurnished 165,050

Custom Content Not Included:
- University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs by Margaret Pendragon- You can contact her here. Go down to the second post, it's a direct download link.
Twallan's Career Mod Suite at Wikispaces

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to EA for The Sims 3 and all packs, to Margaret Pendragon for the RH rugs (was so happy to see them) and to my Sims game god and savior, the wonderful Twallan. Dude you just don't know how much I love and appreciate you. *HUGS*