TS2>TS3 "Anti-Quaint-Ed" Ltd. Ed. Armoire Conversion

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For the second of my wardrobe conversions I bring you the "Anti-Quaint-Ed" Ltd. Ed. Armoire.
Any players of TS2 will note that the mesh is not an exact replica. This is because I have had to lower the handles and decorative wood section in order for Sims to actually look as though they are using them.

Object Details
Price || 250
Room Sort || Bedroom > Dressers
Function Sort || Storage > Dressers
Presets || 4
Channels || 2*

*The Second preset actually has 3 channels as it is the only one where the handles can be recoloured. The other presets use a stencil. See below.

The wardrobe even features the original TS2 catalogue description and has been translated into all languages provided with the original.
The writing's off the wall and onto the armoire, and it says, "Anti-Quaint-Ed!" Yes, the makers of this limited edition armoire are making 'quaint' antiquated by making quaint cool. Quaint is the new black. (Hurry while supplies last; actual production number will vary; 'cool' is in no way a promise of performance or ambient temperature; all rights reserved.)

As with my previous wardrobe conversion, there are a few things to note.
- The mapping is not perfect and I have done my best to fix it. Horizontal patterns become quite distorted across the door frames but the issue is not visible when vertical patterns are used. Any pattern works well on the door panels.
- The clothing inside the wardrobe is not animated. When all of the clothing was rigged it had an annoying tendency to stick out of the wardrobe sides at odd angles and gave the coathangers the appearance of them being broken.
- Sims' feet sink into the wardrobe base when entering and exiting from woohoo. This is because the doors are not as low as either of the Supernatural originals from which it was cloned. There is a picture in the attachements to illustrate.

Built with game version 1.50

With all that being said I hope that you and your Sims find this conversion useful and pleasing to look at.
If you do like it then please give the Thanks button a press.

Polygon Counts:
High = 3154
Medium = 2089

Additional Credits:

Style: Antique Contemporary
Room: Bedroom Nursery
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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