The Cakery Set 1 & 2 Purple & Red:Uniform Shirts and Aprons For your Bakery

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Uploaded 20th Apr 2013 at 3:00 AM

Do you happen to have a Sim bakery? Are your Sim employees in need of some uniforms that match the work zone? Well, it just so happened that I made some clothing for your baking Sims. An idea came to me recently about making sets for business owning sims. In my spare time I will make uniforms and possibly some items for Sims. Enough of explaining my future plans. Let's get to what you have to look up to in this upload.

This is the Purple and Red upload. In this upload you will gain two of my sets for purple uniforms and red uniforms. Here is what the files have to offer.

Purple Uniforms: You will get teen,adult,and elder Shirts for both genders. The pants are not included in this package. I left that up to you guys whether or not you would want to use certain pants. You will also gain the whole outfit apron for both genders teen,adult and male. Last, you will get a 4th shirt for the female. This 4th shirt is for adult female. In this package there are 13 files.

Red Uniforms: This package is organized just the same as the purple uniform set. The only difference is that there are 12 files instead of 13. There is no 4th shirt for the females.

All of the clothing are found in "Everyday Wear". These uniforms have a hand drawn cupcake logo on them to depict that the are for a bakery or which ever store you desire them to be for. To add the apron to your wardrobe, you will need Sims2 Business EP.

Additional Credits:
I'm giving my thanks to adobe photoshop and sims2 body shop for giving me the ability to create these items.