[Testers Wanted] Lady In Red Mesh *Updated 3-17*

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Uploaded 10th Mar 2005 at 3:00 AM · Updated 2nd Dec 2008 at 4:14 AM by Canoodle

The bounty of $.02 American is hereby placed on all Testers...Testers must be alive, well treated, given lavish rewards, friendly, outgoing, and generally from Alpha Centari...

Okay...if you can't fill that bill...try for yourself a simple modified mesh of the short dress mesh. Credits? We don't need no stinking credits...Hey seriously, if you like it and it works well and you decide to go on a rampage and create additional skins for it, just do me a favor and let me know where I can get a copy (free of course, cause unlike Austin Power's Fat Bastard, I'm a Cheap Bastard...Okay..I lied...I'm both.) The skin is the Maxis red dress skin nothing special. I liked the idea of a slightly larger Busom, but wanted something a little more elegant. I haven't decided if this is the final version of this mesh, but if I change it, I'll post it somewhere...Okay, you win, here...

And now...with no further doo-doo...I give you...Lady in Red.

Edit: Ohhhhkay...since we seem to have some people who like heels...and I have to admit a Lady's legs never look as good as when their feet are being tortured by high heels...I have made my first attempt at making Lady In Red with Heels. Enjoy.

Zips added by request.

Adding another version...This one is using Telamon's mini-skirt, mod'ed to give larger breasts, and higher heels, narrower foot, shorter foot length, and changing the hemline...Oh yes...Should be available for YA or A in University.

Another change to the mini skirt...a request for a bigger booty...

By request added a zipfile with the both mini's inside.

(3-15/16-2005) I'm including some recolors for the LadyInRedMiniBooty mesh. All 6 in one zip, you must have the LadyInRedMiniBooty mesh already in your downloads, it is not included in the zip file.

(3-16-05) As requested by Sleepycat, here is a night gown mesh (slightly longer then the mini), shorten up, bigger breasts and booty. The skin is just a quick take from the Maxis original, the picture shows the skin not quite covering the mesh, the file has been corrected for that, just didn't want to go back into the game to get another shot of it. Enjoy.

(3-16-05) By request I have altered the arm length of the MiniBooty Mesh. This file will overwrite the current MiniBooty Mesh. Arm is shortened about the length of the wrist to mid of thumb as a test. The Sim's fingers look a little crunched...not sure if this is because the genetics skin is a little longer then the mesh.

(3-17-05) Created 6 new recolors for the LadyInRedMiniBooty mesh. All 6 are in one zip, mesh is not in the zip.