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Fadil Görkem

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Uploaded: 5th May 2013 at 7:04 PM
Updated: 14th Jul 2014 at 5:31 AM
Hey guys,

Fadil is quiet, reflective, and idealistic Turkish young man who interested in serving humanity, enjoy the present moment and laid back unless a strongly held value is threatened. He usually sees possibilities and interested in helping people.


- Only this slider you will need for Fadil Facial cas sliders by bella3lek4 " or HERE
- Skin: Non deafult skin V2
- Hair:The Alex hair by the store
- Eyebrows:Default Replacement Brows " first one from the right "
- Lipstick: Dry Lips by IN3S
- Beard: Chinstrap Goatee Defaults by Kitty
- Eye contacts: "Watercolour" contacts by Elexis
- Eye Makeup: Eye Baggage by Kitty

Fixed links:

- IN3S blog no longer exists so you need to download the lips from HERE
- Awt's jaw sliders are needed to fix his mandible HERE ( Download: awtmk-ts3-slider-jawline.7z )


- His face was sculpted with the use of sliders multiplier only.Therefore do not attempt to change his face before downloading this HERE (x3) .Don't worry he will appear in your game like in the pictures without the need to download the sliders multiplier but if you want to tweak his face so you need to download the sliders multiplier.

- I have packaged this Sim with EA hair and EA default skin " The link of the non default skin included in the text, so you need to download the skin and the hair to appear in your game as in the pic. Enjoy !!

How to install:

Extract the sim. file from the zip.Place in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims.
In the game, go to the Premade Sims Bin in Create A Sim (CAS).