Spring it On - Cute Springy Dresses for the Girls

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Uploaded: 12th Jun 2013 at 10:10 AM
Updated: 12th Feb 2014 at 12:07 AM
For more recolours of these dresses visit Theraven's post HERE (membership required) or Nathanialroyale's post HERE for both recolours and a default!

If you find and/or make any other recolours let me know so I can add them to this post!

I used to love wearing fancy dresses as a kid. I mean, seriously loved. I tried wearing super fancy dresses everywhere. To school? You bet! The park? For sure! The supermarket? Why not!
...I even tried to sleep in one once before my mum stopped me (don't ask, I was a strange kid).

My favourites were the ones in bright colours, with puffy sleeves and the skirts that spread out like a record when you span around and around.

Well then one day life happened and I grew out all of my most favourite dresses and that was that. Talk about a crushing experience for me when I found out cute formal dresses stopped actually being cute after you turned seven and no matter how much you love them, you have to let them go eventually. I was terribly sad.

Now I've began to slowly pick up the pieces again and move on. It's been tough, but I've come to except that nobody sells puffy sleeved, bushy skirted, pastel coloured dresses for fifteen year olds. Thus goodbye went my childhood, I'm officially a teenager (though no one can take away my dolls...at least not yet).

So recently when brainstorming some new CC I thought, I why not make puffy sleeved, bushy skirted, pastel coloured dresses for my sims? Voila, three hours later and you get these!

Ta dah! Now your little girls can enjoy the warm spring weather in these cute little dresses!
Unless you live in Canada like me, and are still waiting for more spring like temperatures...

I think this has to be one of my favourite uploads so far, mainly because it took me so long just to get the base textures right. Which reminds me, sorry Skell, I stole your skirt and collar textures...oh wait, nevermind your policy says I can use them? Great! :D

Dresses come in 8 colours, all look exactly the same. Regard the swatch given above or the included colour view below to see the colour options.

Mesh is by All About Style and is included thanks to their creator policy
As par their policy, this mesh can not be shared on Paysites or the Exchange.

CC Credits:
Trapping's Bound Up Bows Retexture by Vadie: http://vadie.livejournal.com/4073.html
Bunhead's Flor de Fuego Retexture by Simgaroop: http://simlish.dreamwidth.org/112183.html#cutid1
Trapping's Labyrinth Twists Updo Retexture by Skellington7d: http://skellington7d.livejournal.com/52565.html
Nouk's Happy Braids Retexture by Simgaroop: http://simlish.dreamwidth.org/39656.html

Additional Credits:
All About Style for the mesh.
Skellington7d for the skirt and collar textures.
Myself for the inspiration.