Gumtree Academy

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Gumtree Academy is a private primary school catering for children aged 4 to 12. As well as high academic standards for an exorbitant fee, your child can practice a wide range of skills in a safe and fun environment.

A range of physical education activities.

simzuki violin.

Socializing over a healthy lunch of Vegemite pancakes...

The details
I originally built this school a year ago basing much of it on Australian schools. Here schools often have a few small buildings with a tuckshop (cafeteria) with open eating areas under trees. I played the original as a simlogical school (see download for the school mod here: The original had a huge lot of custom content that I didn't want to upload here. I rebuilt the school on a new unused lot, made some changes to the upstairs classroom configuration, enlarged the admin block to give a decent principles office and halved the custom content. The lot is zoned residential as that is how I played it with a principle living in the flat above.

Custom Content not included
You will need to download these separately and install them first if you want the school to look like how it is in the photos.
Blackboards: 3 Chalky Chalkboards by astondb9
White boards: Shiny Whiteboards Inc by astondb9
Posters: Classroom Poster Superpack by Purplepaws base game group 1 and 2
White lines used on football field by DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo
Lockers by sims2 Libido (Dead site) Now on the Sims2Graveyard.
Desks By Sims2 Libido
Basicco Chair recolour By Anna

What you get
Admin block- has a waiting room and front office, another waiting room for the principles office and a sick room.
Gym- This has punching bags, warm up bars and an area for working out. I added toilets and showers to this second version as there was never enough toilets in the original.
Pool, football, playground, vegetable garden and golf putters outside.
Pre-school/Kindergarten room with toilets.
Three classrooms
Lunch room
Toilets and showers for the pool.
Library with computer area. (Has the career reward books for learning bookshelf)
Science lab (Has 3 finger print scanners and medical career reward.)
Music room
Teachers lounge with toilets.
Yet another toilet. Yes lots.
Teachers flat (apartment) In the original I had the principle and his daughter live there, but it could be made usable for 2-3 teachers.

Running the school on a residential lot tutorial

Community Lot: If you would rather play this as a community lot it's easy to change the zoning. Load the lot and open the cheat window with CTRL-SHIFT-C and type in changeLotZoning community. Save and exit to the neighbourhood. The lot should now be zoned community.

Anyone who has read my legacy or OWBC might recognize these guys.

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price: $393,411

Custom Content Included:
- Skeletal Endowment by HugeLunatic
- Basicco Chair by HolySimoly
- Bullnose Verandah - straight by darylmarkloc
- Shiftable OMSP 1, Smaller by SilentLucidity
- Shiftable OMPS Recolour by SilentLucidity
- Plaster walls in slightly less than a trillion colors. by iCad
- Musical Scores on stand by Sandy/ Around The Sims 2
- Plaster walls in slightly less than a trillion colors. by iCad
- Bakonmi Sprok Desk - 1 Tile by HugeLunatic
- Floor Overlay recolour by Phaenoh
- Floor Overlay recolour by Phaenoah
- Floor Overlay 1x1 by Phaenoh
- Floor Overlay 2x2 by Phaenoh

Additional Credits:
Mootilda: Turn on/off all lights.

Simlogical: SHINY TYME NPC EVERYWHERE PATCH for the cafeteria worker who showed up to cook those 'Vegemite pancakes'

Hogwart uniforms: cloudlessnights