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-Renovate Pleasantview- Country Road

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This lot is infected with the Super Duper Hug Bug. Make sure you have No Sim Loaded and Smarter EP check

The final house in jones' Renovate Pleasantview Contest was the bin house 'Just Right'. I had correctly guessed the last house and this one, so I was well prepared for this round. My final family was the young couple with a toddler.

Sarah and Tom Wilson, and little Daniel have out-grown their old home. Now that Daniel is a toddler they just need more space than their one bedroom apartment. Sarah loves country decor. They would love to have a nice yard because the entire family enjoys spending time outside.

I spent a long time making and back-playing this family, and had a dickens of a time getting them to fall in love, then actually have their kid. I wanted to have lots of family photos for all the walls. My spin on it went a little different: Tom is into sports, he's at the top of his track and both him and little Danny's OTH is sports. Sarah is into country deco which got twisted into Nature being her OTH and is also an Ecological Guru now. Sarah's take on 'country' is contemporary country. She doesn't care for the old grannie look because she isn't one yet. She likes things simple and bright and even sometimes a bit mismatched. While Tom is seriously into sports, he doesn't really care much about decorating. Little Daniel is the one with the most noticeable taste here. His take on 'country' is 'King and Country' so his room is a kingdom where he fights dragons. He latched on to dragons early - before he could talk, so his word for 'dragon' and 'giraffe' is 'dira'. He hasn't really figured out they aren't the same animal, so his giraffes say 'rar'. Mom and Dad thought it was adorable, so they haven't discouraged it. The best parts of this house have to be all the fantastic toddler details. They love that he loves orange, Dad's favorite color. Mom likes teal, so their wedding colors were orange and teal. You can see their version here.

I didn't change much between my original version and the one I'm presenting here, except that it's been stripped of all the personal photos and I've tried to reduce the sheer amount of CC. It's still a lot, but it is less I promise! The judges mostly had comments about small hallways, but it's a tiny house and can't be occupied by that many sims anyways. I've rarely had routing issues, so I don't put much stock in complaints like that!

A useful playpen keeps the toddler(s) at bay and out from underfoot in the kitchen.

A handy little shelf in the kitchen is useful for keeping track of the family's schedule to to grab a quite bit to eat in the mornings.

This perfect little room allows an independent toddler to get in and out of his crib, play with his castle, ride his trusty stead, and Mom or Dad can still get in to change his clothes. You can see more of the 'dira' collection of dragons and giraffes. Your little youngster (and mom and dad) can get into bed even with the nightstand so close. The lamp is just his size! Books are kept up high to be out of danger of being ripped, chewed, or colored on.

The backyard is a magical place to play, with dragons and forts and sandcastles.


Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: $51,999

Custom Content NOT Included:
- Tiny Tikes Modular Playpen Fencing, "It's All Wood" Playground MASTER, and (pictured but not needed, White Roof Trim Defaults) by Phaenoh
- BB Oh Baby! Giraffe Wheeler MASTER by buggybooz
- "Gussie" - Toy Mirror for Toddlers by Boblishman
- Modular Stairs and Deck Stairs by Numenor
- Simply Elegant Curtain Set by HugeLunatic
- "Sea & Surf" Window Set by Nengi65
- RS_WoodenStairsWhite by Reyn
- Giraffe Bedding by jupiterstar

Custom Content Included:
From MTS:
- Lil' Garden Lattice Windmill, Plumbob Baby Monitor, Tiny Tikes Modular Playpen Fencing Gate, "It's All Wood" Playground Fence, Animated Flag & Recolor, Short Metal Slide, WoodPlayground-Floor-Maple & -Walnut by Phaenoh
- Bauke & Zoo "far from perfect" toys, sandbox mold "turtle", sandkasteneimer & recolor by bienchen83
- Pennelle by Top Shelf Toys, OMSP_Counter & Recolor, OMSP_EndTable & Recolor by Lord Darcy
- Walk Around Block Smaller & Recolor, Walk Through Block Smaller & Recolor by SilentLucidity
- Relax-O-Rocker & Recolor, Giddy-Up Rocker, and Garden Music "Oleander" by Honeywell
- Shakerlicious Curvy Cooker & Recolor, BB Oh Baby! Giraffe Wheeler by buggybooz
- Country Window with and without Flowerbox - Shutterless by plasticbox
- Toilet Paper Holder for broken bathroom by guatla
- You Got Planked_DarkBrown_floor by sarah*rose
- Castle Toddler Bed Without Tower by Michelle
- Castanoga Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- Little Draggy Spring Rider by porkypine
- Frosted Glass Subway Tile by mlefay21
- Happy Garden Turtle by MissWendy
- Stand-aloneTV-27in by Numenor
- durablematch_loveseat by ailias
- Toddler Mirror_Grey by zedrik
- Ceiling_SmokeAlarm by Targa

From Off-Site:
- Baby World Trolley, Gardening Boots, Gardening Crates, Gardening Pots, Gardening Spade, Gardening Watering can,Accessories for Desktop by Sandy
- EP04 Wall Sculpture Animals & Recolor, TS3 Toybox Generations & Recolor, SP04 Dragon Sculpture by Ndainye
- AnesSideTable, Hemnes Bookcase Tall, StampedeGiraffesMESH, AnesNurseryChangingTable by HugeLunatic
- Picket's Charge Fence in White, Picket's Charge Gate - OFB & Recolorby Helena
- shasta_koonzilla_green, and wsiding_ls_verticalbase_ygs_nileblue by shasta
- Animal Friends Activity Table & Recolor, Koonzilla, and Wall Pegs by lmhwjs
- Floor_BabyDotsCarpet-CuriousB-Caramel & -Meadow by Sofy
- ModularLgeDblCush_Mesh & 4 Recolors by HolySimoly
- Smitty Classy's Not So Grand Opening by Leefish
- Fun Corner 5 paintings collection by WhiteShark
- Phelana - kleineRitterburg-19o5o6 by Phelana
- IKEAhemnes3drawers_annalightbrown by haf
- mango-3pom-cheval-mesh by Mango Sims
- Smile-Childsroom Learning Clock by Tolli
- TS3-PETS-PlushGiraffe-Zx_Ta by Zx_Ta
- 2 Books (decorative) by Shoukeir
- Bed Blanket_7_slave by Jonesi
- MSF Refrigerator by kativip
- clock, table by cassandre

From Dead Site:
- gableornament1_4t, 1_5t, 1_6t, and 1_7t by Marina Sims 2
- Part of the playdays collection by simplan-x
- Bed Pillows By SnowStorm by SnowStorm
- Sporty Baby Toy Bin by NoFrills
- 73' VW Beetle by Exnem

Additional Credits:
jones for keeping us sane even to the end;
Croutonian, aUserName, and Selly_2009 for soldiering on;
lipe2k, HugeLunatic, joandsarah77, GlorianaGlowbee, esmeiolanthe, Liv, Hencing, sharill63, RowenaLupin, kayls42, hogwartsjedi, trin250, Shaundak21, karen lorraine, godspeed, Evairance for sticking it out with me.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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