No Scales for Human Mermaids

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2013 at 4:03 PM
Updated: 3rd Nov 2014 at 3:31 AM
Mod Description
I played Island Paradise for the first time at EA Italy on May 29th, and when I saw mermaid scales on human legs I said 'OH NO!'.
So here I am again with another new mod for mermaids (I'm a real fan of them since I was a child). =)
This mod completely removes the scales on their human legs.

Mermaid Tail Map
There's only one issue, when you go to the mirror for change the color of the scales, you cannot see the colours on the legs.
So I did a little map for you to know how to color your tail.

  • 1. GREEN > Colour of the whole mermaid tail.
  • 2. BLUE > Colour of the fin.
  • 3. RED > Shades of the tail.
  • 4. YELLOW > Shade of the scales.

Game Requirements & Compatibility
This mods was created with Patch 1.55.
You must have The Sims 3 Island Paradise EP installed to use this mod.

If you still see scales on human legs of your mermaid, go to the mirror, press 'Change Scale Color' and change one shade of the tail.
When done, press ok, and the scales disappear!

You can choose one of two downloads, if removes scales only for teens, young adults, adults and elders or for all ages.
You have to download only one!

This mod overrides the following resources:
  • afAccessoryStockingsEP10MermaidScales - _XML 0x0DAAC881AF945B31
  • afAccessoryStocking_0x5f10d99e6200cbf9 - _IMG
  • amAccessoryStockingsEP10MermaidScales - _XML 0xDC7CBE799EEC6008
  • amAccessoryStocking_0xb82ef63ecd12c948 - _IMG
  • cuAccessoryStockingsEP10MermaidScales - _XML 0x56A654236DB9D62A
  • cuAccessoryStocking_0x93581e6c07fdecde - _IMG
  • puAccessoryStockingsEP10MermaidScales - _XML 0xB78984635DA56BFD
  • puAccessoryStocking_0x8b2eaa3e863952c5 - _IMG
It will conflict with all mods that do the same.

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