The Alchemist Home!

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2013 at 9:20 PM
Updated: 8th Dec 2013 at 10:35 PM - Wrong lot size, and changed price, and editing spelling, removed unfurnished lot
Hello there!
I made this house that was meant for an Alchemist! This home is full of gems, rocks, metals, fish, bugs and plants!

I hated my sims inventory being so crowded, and I was thinking, I wish I could just put all her stuff somewhere for display. But I did not like the display cases in the game, then I remembered Lisen made a shelf and a rack, so I used their shelves, and began my home!

There is a garden with perfect harvestables, all thanks to Howabominable, because I just downloaded there lot and just harvested from over there.

There are lots of different potions available already, and there are many bugs and gems. Some I even stored into boxes (those boxes from WA).

Some CC I used are mostly shelves, but here they are!

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 310,052

Additional Credits:
Kithri's Stairway:
Louma37's cupboard:
Lisen's Rack and Shelf:
Lisen's String Shelf:
orangemittens' Versatile Shelves:
orangemittens' More Versatile Shelves:
cmomoney's KnickKnacks Shelf:
orangemittens' Decor Shelf:
Then a divider from TSR (This is more of an option than required):