The "Beachelor" Pad - NO CC

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2013 at 7:55 PM
With this being the first house that I have built in The Sims 3 and been completely happy with, I wanted to share it with you all on MTS. So I present to you ... The "Beachelor" Pad - punny, I know.

For obvious reasons, it gained it's name by the location, as it is built right out over the water on one of the many beaches in the new Isla Paradiso town from Island Paradise.

Ground Floor
- Open plan living area
- Office
- Back deck built right out over the water

First Floor
- Master bedroom
- All-in-One Bathroom
- Laundry

Top Floor
- Professional Bar
- Juice Keg (University Required)
- Hot Tub

Unfurnished: §55 516
Furnished: §92 877

The lot is a bit pricey for your Sims, but would be expected from a real house of this location.

This house I designed as a sort of "party house" for my fresh-out-of-college Sims to live in, but it would also be a suitable as a holiday home or for any couple that loves the beach.

The only expansions basically required are Seasons (most of the furniture and decor), University (Juice Keg, furniture, decor) and Late Night (furniture, Professional Bar, decor). All other furniture and decorations from the other expansions will be auto-replaced.

The Beachelor Pad was built in Isla Paradiso, but Island Paradise expansion is not required for the placement of this lot, as it will fit on any 30x20 beach lot in any town. I built this lot on the 3x2 lot 2 Shark Bay:

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Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: Unfurnished: §55 516