[Update] Sims Body Essentials: A Complete Set of Body Sliders

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Uploaded: 13th Jul 2013 at 7:54 AM
Updated: 5th Aug 2013 at 8:53 AM - Additional Info, Update
NOTE: Seeing how there''s only one EP left, I think I'll modify the sliders after it hits. There's no point in fixing some issues now if they might be tweaked one last time by an update.

Update: 7/15
Arm sliders have been adjusted to minimize creasing. Avoiding it all together would require me to combine both the forearm and bicep slider. I will make f/l arm sliders in the future. I will also add a finger length slider, even though it's not necessary.

EDIT: Sliders works with 1.55, and are also compatible with Jonha's body sliders. Only one slider supersedes one of his (calf slider), so be sure to grab both of our sets! I recommend getting Jonha's waist size, hip size, and shoulder width sliders. Those add a nice touch of variety to your sims

Be sure to have NRAAS MasterController or a similar mod installed so that you can use all of my sliders! Otherwise, like Jonha's, they won't show up in game. Also, keep in mind basic proportion when using these sliders. Using them in obscure ways may yield unwanted and undesirable effects, and sometimes I have no control over such situations that might arise.

It's done! After 5 months of standstill, it's finally done!! The calf sliders have been fixed, and, to my knowledge, everything is fully compatible. Furthermore, to certain extents, these sliders can be pushed out of normal ranges, so feel free to experiment there if you want. I've experimented with every bone on the body except for the spines, so these will be the most comprehensive body sliders you'll ever find. I've even divided them further into x and z components, or frontal and lateral components for further customization. This is the gift I've been looking forward to give back to the other creators in this community! Your mods and creations are the reason why I decided to take this project on. So thanks to all the creators out there!

The body sliders are found in the global mouth section, and they are labeled accordingly. The Midear Point Slider is found in the Ears Section, the Upper Nasal Bridge Slider is found in the Nose Bridge Section, and the Neck Sliders are found in the Global Head Section. Geom sliders are for all ages and genders, and all my sliders should work with the basegame and any updates. I can't say how it works with the latest EP Island Paradise, but I feel safe saying that these will be fine.

The sliders are:
1. Mid Ear Point
2. Upper Nasal Bridge
3. Neck (3, packaged as one): Size, Counterweight, Tapering
4. Arm: Shoulder Thickness
5. Arm: Bicep (2) - Frontal/Lateral
6. Arm: Forearm (2) - Frontal Lateral
7. Hands: Jasumi's Finger Girth ... enabled for both genders. Completely her creation! I included it so that it can be used in conjunction with the Hand Size for both genders (Finger Girth + Hand Size = longer fingers).
8. Hands: Hand Size (an alteration of Jasumi's finger girth to provide the perception of larger hands)
9: Hands: Wrists (2) - Frontal/Lateral
10. Leg: Thigh (2) - Frontal/Lateral
11. Leg: Calf (2) - Frontal/Lateral
12. Leg: Achille's Tendon (you know how there's a curve to your heel from your calf? Yeah, that)
13. Feet: Foot (Height//Length)---\ (Should be
14. Feet: Foot (Length//Width)----/ used together)
15. Feet: Toe Length
16. Feet: Toe Thickness
17. Feet: Toe Size (basically, combination of length and thickness. Is that repetitive?)

There are a total of 24 sliders. Frontal means width, and Lateral means thickness.

Feel free to play around with EA's default muscle mass slider in conjunction with mine. That was the plan behind these sliders. You can create your own body builder and fine tune your sims' body to greater detail, or shrink certain muscles that the EA slider will increase. EA should have focused more on body sliders anyway -- to have tons of facial sliders but no body sliders was just plain silly. I disliked the scrawny chicken legs and small feet. Now those won't be problems.

The only slider that I'm not fully comfortable releasing was already packaged with all the other neck sliders. It's the Neck Tapering -- when used it, leaves a sort of neckline around the neck.

I've asked for help and workarounds to fix this, but it seems like nothing can be done. If you'll use my sliders to make stories, there's always photoshop to edit out the line. Also, the neck sliders are divided into three parts. I've mentioned the Tapering Slider, but the counterweight and the neck size slider oppose each other and must be eyeballed. Otherwise, it runs into the same problem as Whiterider's original slider.

Just to note, I don't take any requests, and I don't have plans on making new sliders in the future, but if I do make more, then expect things that will work with the spine. Sims 3 has been fun, but I feel that too much of my time has been spent on it. I'll visit once in a while to update and further finetune my sliders if needed, but I'll be on hiatus now.

If you like this mod, please take the extra time to "thank" or "favorite" it to let me know! It really puts a smile on my face to know that people enjoy what I've created! Feel free to post pictures of your sim as well. I'd like to see what these sliders are fully capable of.

PS. If there are any issues, please do not pm me. Instead, use this thread so that I can see pictures of your problem. I promise, if I respond then I'll get back to you sooner in this thread than in a PM.

  • I've noticed new Calf/Foot slider shaking problems with the Island Paradise EP, and not necessarily with patch 1.55. It's slight, but still noticeable, so I'll look into this more later.
  • Bicep and forearm slider will cause arms to displace skin at extreme values. This will arise as long as the difference between the forearm and the bicep sizes is big. There is no real way for me to fix this: you can only take care to avoid creating the size difference which causes displacement.

Additional Credits:
A huge thank you to Jasumi for allowing me to use her Finger Girth Slider as a base for my hand size slider! Her slider was invaluable to making it!

Thanks to:
WhiteRider for her bone tutorial
WesHowe for plugins
Cmar for Morphmaker and her geom tutorial
Delphy for CASSlider and BoneDeltaEditor
PLJones and ingejones for S3PE