Kitchen and Bath Stuff Maxis-Match Tile Floor Collection

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2013 at 1:07 PM
Updated: 21st Jul 2013 at 6:17 AM - Added catalog and pricing information, identified programs used and gave credit to their creators.
I really loved the tile walls that came with the Kitchen and Bath stuff, but most of them didn't have any matching tile floors... so I made some. After I finished a nearly complete set, I got on MTS and realized someone beat me to it. Evidently, we really needed these floors! :-)

So this post has the floors I made that haven't already been done by someone else, as far as I can tell. These are all maxis-match, since I pulled all of the textures straight off the maxis walls. The only two that aren't entirely maxis textures are the "coffee" tile floors, which are mostly maxis with just a bit of my own coloring. I used The Sims 2 Homecrafter Plus to create these, and SimPE to help me locate and change their file names from Homecrafter's random number and letter combinations to names that will make these easily identifiable in your downloads folder -- so special thanks to the creators of both programs for making these possible! All of these floors should be base game compatible. They can all be found in the catalog under Flooring>Tile Floors. I attempted to price them close to the price of the matching walls, to make them more realistic; all prices are listed with the pictures below. For other Kitchen and Bath floors, please see the list of links below!

And here's what I've got for you today!

First, we have a set of bordered bathroom bliss tile floors. Maxis didn't actually give the different colors names in the game, so I've picked some names just so you can tell the files apart. From left to right, these are "rust", "brown", and "vineyard". As you can see, you can mix and match these colors and everything will still tile correctly. If you don't want the borders, keep the "plain" files and discard the "side" and "corner" files. All of these tiles (with or without borders) cost $8.

Second, we have the t-square tile floors in all four colors. They coordinate with the t-square tile walls and the disco chess walls. They cost $6. My disco chess floors pictured here are not included in this upload; see the links below to get Srikanda's disco chess floors. They appear to be exactly the same. Great minds think alike! :-)

The two walls shown on the left above are both called "the cookery tile"; in fact, there were several walls that Maxis simply called "the cookery tile" (lazy...). These two always make me think of a coffee house, so I have named my coordinating tile floors "Coffee and Silk" and "Coffee and Rivets". They are pictured in front of the wall I designed them to go with, but they're completely interchangeable and they look nice mixed together on the same floor. These two each cost $7.

And lastly, we have matching tile floors for the hearty dark and hearty light tile walls. Srikanda did the concrete from these walls as a matching floor, so once again: see links below. These two are also $7.

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I hope you enjoy this new collection. Happy Simming!