Tagged Plants - v1.3 (4th May 2014)

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2013 at 8:39 PM
Updated: 4th May 2014 at 11:25 PM


Check all Plants one by one to organize your large Garden is a boring task, specially if you have a great variety of Plants without any way to distinguish each one, except by using the mouse to activate the tooltip.

This mod can help you manage your Garden because makes it easier to find or classify your Plants according to the Type, Quality or ExpansionPack[Product Version]. When you activate it using the "Tagged Plants" Interaction, a small Balloon appears above all Plants to show you which kind it is. You can also apply Filters [Quality, Rarity, Fertilizer or Growth Performance] to have a better feedback about your plant's status. Just click on any Plant and select the "Tagged Plants" Interaction to choose which kind of Filter you want to apply.

Filter by Type:
Highlight all Plants with the same Type.

Filter by Quality or Fertilizer:
Green -> Perfect
White -> Normal
Red -> Horrify

Filter by Rarity:
White -> Normal
Blue -> Special

Available Interactions:
- About;
- Filter by Quality, Rarity, Fertilizer or Growth Performance
- Type, Product Version, Quality;
- Turn Off / Show All;

Known Issues:
- When you leave the Lot or switch to the Map Mode the balloons automatically turn off.
- It's necessary to switch to the MainMenu and load back to make the Interaction appear on the Plants you recently placed.
- The Balloons don't show up if you have only the Soil, just wait until the Plant grow up.
- If you delete or destroy the Plant, the balloon may remain, just turn off to make it disappear.

Does this have a custom script? Does it conflict?
- Added a new class at: DouglasVeiga.TaggedPlants.LoadTaggedPlants
- No, doesn't conflict with anything;

-> v1.3 (4th May 2014)
- Recompiled the code using for basegame patch v1.67.

-> v1.2 (5th Nov 2013)
- Now will correctly display the "Crystal Flower" (from Into The Future EP) image.
- Now the mod Interaction won't reveal the name of "Unknown Plant".
- Added: POL_PL translation strings. (thanks anie_1981)

-> v1.1 (9th Sep 2013)
- Added: POL_PL and NOR_NL strings files. (Sorry, I forgot)

Additional Credits:
lenglel - Feedback and name suggestion
SimmyRN - Feedback and name suggestion
Package Editor - S3PE ;
Twallan - DebugEnabler