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Motel Avocado - Playable Resort For Sunset Valley

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2013 at 5:32 AM
More of a last resort than an actual Resort, Motel Avocado is the most revolting place your sims will ever visit for a vacation. This Resort is built on the site of the house, in Sunset Valley, known as Unabridged at 455 Sunset Blvd.

Built in the '70s, the Motel is a shrine to many shades of nauseating green, except for Cabin One which is the Pink HoneyMoon Suite, not hugely popular with Honeymooners but very popular with people who seem to need a room *just for an hour or two*.

The owners of Motel Avocado serves an All Day Breakfast, in fact it's the same breakfast, all day, and doesn't believe in cleaning the pool.
Reviews of this two star motel mention 'roaches .. Obviously that can't be true. Right?

Situated close to the sea, the sound of the crashing waves are almost drowned by the sound of disgruntled sims who have paid good money to be given food poisoning and to sleep in cheap and nasty beds.In fact the guests here don't tend to stray far from the totally inadequately maintained toilet facilities, so whether the motel is by the sea or not is immaterial, and all views of the sea seem to be curiously obscured by a 7ft chain link fence.

Attractions include, a dining room with a performance area for aspiring musicians (the owner had ideas of this place becoming a wedding venue - but that didn't last long). And anyway, the sound of someone jamming detracts from the sounds of puking. This place is more somewhere you'd go if your wife 'didn't understand you' than to get married in. There's a television room with a help-yourself (because the staff won't help you) bar. 4 hideous bedrooms, (sleeping up to ten sims) and 5 nasty bathrooms, and a pool area decorated with dubiously stained loungers and bushy scrub.

***This atrocity was only made possible thanks to the awesome Resort Tower rabbit hole rugs for Island Paradise by Margaret Pendragon. This amazing rug set allows you to break free from the constraints EA put on us with their Resort Tower rabbit holes.***

Custom Content Required But Not Included
In order for this lot to function as a Resort you will need to download the Resort Tower Rugs - Margaret Pendragon. When you have installed the lot and the rugs, simply replace the rug I have left you as a marker in the empty room, in buy/build mode, with the basic Resort Tower and you're good to go.

Furnished: 123.963
Unfurnished: 75.745

40 x 40 Lot

Please note that University Life and IP were used in the making of this lot.