Spring it On - Cutsie Dresses for Your Big Little Girls

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Uploaded 29th Jul 2013 at 8:18 PM

So way back on the 14th Trapping shared a followers gift which included an adult conversion of my Spring it On dresses on her livejournal. Yea, I'm slow and found them twelve days later.
Geez peeps, and you'd think I'd have been the first to know, hmph. :P

Well anyways, after seeing that someone had converted one of my creations I first, totally flipped out, then I did a happy dance and downloaded them. After that I proceeded to totally love them, boots and all, and then finally I realized I needed less pastely colours and different shoes (because sadly, not every sim can rock the dress and boots look).

So I took one of my favourite sets of Sentate heels and slapped them on (cause I can shoe-swap now, aw yea.) then CuriousB-ified them. After all that was done I noticed the collar needed some tweaking so I threw that in too. Progress my friends, it happened here last night all in one night...and now I give you a download!

They come in six of CuriousB's colours and I added a grey, white and red version to go with the set (full rainbow all the way!).
Shoe-swapped mesh is by me and is included in the package.


CC Credits:
Newsea Miles Away Retexture By Keoni
Raon F105 Retexture By Keoni
Newsea Chinese Girl Retexture By Vimpse
Peggy 8150 Retexture By Vimpse
Newsea Blits By Vimpse
3T2 Glamour Maang Tikka-hair By Trapping

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Trapping for the conversion.
Sentate for the shoes.
CuriousB for the colour actions.