Tapestry of the Zodiac: A 12 piece Chinese Wall Hanging Set

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2013 at 2:07 PM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2014 at 4:16 AM
Behold! The long awaited remake of my Eastern Zodiac Wall Hanging Compilation has finally made it to the Sims 3!

A set of 12 beautifully hand crafted Wall Hangings for each member of the Chinese Zodiac each of which is engraved with an avatar of the holy animal along with the Chinese Character embroidered above. Lovingly re-rendered in HD, with major improvements and upgrades to the original zodiac.

Each tapestry is fully CAStable with 4 channels as seen here:

Technical Specifications:
The tapestry cost 7500 simoleans and provides an environment boost of +10, just like the original. It can be found in the Function -> Decor -> Wall Hangings section of the Buy Catalog under the name Tapestry of the Zodiac.

Mod requirements:
As this file is a full clone of Enigmatic Tapestry from the Supernatural Expansion, it shouldn't require that EP to show up in game, and shouldn't conflict with anything else. The mesh itself has not been altered in any way. This has been tested with the Base game with patch 1.55~1.67. Please let me know if it is backwards compatible.

Additional Credits: S3OC for making it easy to clone objects, Texture Tweaker 3 for making it so easy to put together the package, S3PE for yada yada.. and of course photoshop for making the artwork possible.

Hair by Anubis360