Stereotypes: Alexandra Slater - Diva divine!

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Alexandra was always the center of attention - even as a child. She grew up, listening to oldschool jazz, blues and soul and she spent hours watching the old, glamourous movies, where women sparkled and and men wore a hat - even to the dance floor. When dresses could accomodate a proper set of boobs and still be classy and when diamonds were a girl's best friend.

When Alexandra steps onto the stage, she spellbinds the crowds. They cheer, they squeal, they applaud, they cry, they love her. Men want her - women want to be her. She's the talk of the town, and she is loving every minute of it.

The stage has become her entire life: the long hours, the rehersals, the paparazzi, the fans, the managers, the critics and the wannabe's have all played their part in her life, and she can handle anything they throw at her! Always! Well... usually. Okay, often. So... sometimes. Okay, okay, on occasions she has been known to not crack under pressure. Right. Moving on.

Alexandra Slater is a WOMAN and she wouldn't want it any other way.

Traits: Charismatic, Diva (Showtime), Dramatic (Ambitions), Neurotic, Star Quality (Late Night)
Loves: Risotto, the colour red and soulmusic.
LTW: Lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Alexandra is the second of a range of stereotype sims.
She is packaged with default skin.

CC used:
You'll need the following CC for Alexandra to show as she is in the pictures. No content is included in the download.
Skin: ESkin-nATURAL+default, by teru_k -
Everyday hair: Lotus' retexture of Newsea's Thornbird hair, ea highlights -
Formal hair: Anubis' retexture of Peggy 0455 - (Original hair by Peggy at
Eyes: Oh my eyes, contacts, by escand -
Eyebrows: Bare Naturals, by Elexis -
Eyeshadow: Hollywood Glam Eyeshadow, by Gosik -
Lashes: Eyelash Design Set #1, by S-club Privee -
Lips: Cherry Pop Lipstick, by Elexis -
Face contouring and defining makeup, by Arisuka -

Not included in the download.
  • Dress and shoes from Late Night
  • Outfit from Late Night
Swimwear:Outerwear (Seasons):

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all in CFF!
Thank you to cmomoney, for the pose player, and to IMHO and Traelia for poses.