6 New Under-Shirts

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2013 at 7:04 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2013 at 6:39 PM
Hello It was requested of me to make these shirts, so here they are.
There are 6 styles in each package and the package is a set. There's long sleeved, sleeveless and short sleeved in tucked in and cropped styles. Like my previous shirts these are under the accessory tab and are located in the sock category. I cloned them from the socks, but they will not over write them. The children file is unisex but the male and female files didn't want to cooperate with me in being unisex, so I made them into separate packages that you can pick from. All sets can be in your game with no problem. One issue I've noticed, that's really more annoying than anything, is that sometimes when you pick a style the sim's body will be covered in the material from the neck down. This can be fixed by picking the style again or clicking on another and switching back. It doesn't happen all the time, it seems to be random, but it's annoying and I'm not sure how to make it stop.

The 3 packages are,

- Female; teen-elder.
- Male; teen-elder.
- Children; unisex.

The screen shots for teen-adult I've taken show the shirts in light and dark styles. The children are showing you vibrant and bright colors. The front of the older ages are being shown by adult, while the back is being shown by teens. Aside from body size and height, they're the same for both ages. I've also included what you can expect to see from patterns and of course, the under shirts being worn underneath clothing.

The categories for all sets include;
- Everyday
- Formal wear
- Sleep wear
- Swim wear
- Athletic
- Career
- Martial Arts
- Outwear

Each shirt only has 1 recolorable channel and has its own custom thumbnail so you know which is which. They are not valid for random, so they won't appear on random townies in your game.
Please enjoy and as always let me know about anything you think I should know :D

Polygon Counts:
The poly count for each shirt: 2950