Folk Victorian - The Restoration

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2013 at 12:24 PM
Updated: 26th Nov 2017 at 8:43 PM by Fergus' Mind
Today I present to you an improved version of the very first house I ever made in The Sims 3; a green painted Folk Victorian styled home. The original can be found here. It costs 106,651 Simoleons furnished and 54,756 Simoleons unfurnished. It was built on a 30 by 30 lot without the use of CC or content from any expansion packs. Up until recently, my Folk Victorian was my most popular upload, but I noticed how bad it looked in comparison to my more recent uploads, so I thought I’d give the house the love it deserves and bring it up to quality. I’ve even given it its own back story.

Original Version:

'Restored' Version:

Gather round, it's time for a story...
When she finally decided that it was time to break out of the crumbling grey and gloomy family home, Anne Marie Goth was left with little money and support from her parents and older brother Mortimer. Clearly she wasn't the favourite child that her brother was, she spent most of her childhood shut up in the attic of the family mansion. But that didn’t matter, she knew just the house she wanted; a charming little Folk Victorian styled home just across the valley. It had suffered a terrible fire and the rear of the house had fallen down. She played in the ruins as a child, despite being a crumbling wreck, or a “complete dump” as Mortimer used to refer to it as, she could see the charms that awaited anyone willing to be the old girl’s saviour. And so with her small budget she bought the remains of a home fighting to remain standing. In amongst the wreckage she found old pictures and furniture that was easily salvageable. The crumbling walls revealed that the vinyl cladding was covering the original wooden siding, which was considerably more ornate. Anne Marie just knew this all had to be restored, luckily it still had some paint on it that was a similar colour to the vinyl cladding, so the vinyl wasn’t all that bad, but it still had to go. At the time the vinyl cladding was added, many period features had been gutted from the house and the staircase had been moved to give the house a more modern and “fashionable feel”, this all had to be undone. Woodwork had to be reinstated and an extension was decided upon. An Arts and Crafts/Craftsman style was adopted in the dining room, while the original Folk/Vernacular Victorian style was reinstated and added to the rest of the interior. Parts of the house were looking just as they did in the decaying old photos from the wreckage. The house is now warm with colour and cheer and is very different to the dark and gloomy mansion she grew up in. Just the thought of her little Folk Victorian home is enough to cheer her up, when she has the misfortune of having to spend time with Mortimer; constantly grumbling about money or his wife...

From those ashes, new life has been given to a charming Folk Victorian home. I hope you will all appreciate what I have done, because I certainly do.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 106,651 Simoleons