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Oreo Pie - Straight From The Fridge

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Uploaded 31st Aug 2013 at 6:46 PM

When I was a bit younger I really loved Oreo pie (now it's one of those things I'm not really supposed to eat, but get a nibble in here and there). I hope your sims enjoy this dessert too.

The food is a mesh cloned from gelatin. It is a dessert, so it is only available during lunch and dinner hours. Sims simply reach in the fridge, set on the counter, and go to town just like gelatin. No cooking skills are required to make. It requires no EP/SP or mesh, and has a new GUID so as not to overwrite other foods. Poly counts are 308 for the single serving, 492 for the group serving, and 570 for the single serving with plate mesh included.

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